TCCA is one of the oldest forms of skin resurfacing. Application of TCCA reduces acne breakouts, improving skin texture and discoloration caused by sun damage. TCCA helps remove areas of hyperpigmentation; deeply cleaning clogged pores. TCCA can be used to help lighten and remove medium to deep scars while helping pores appear smaller. TCCA can also be used for tattoo removal. Skin tests is a MUST if you use TCCA first time. You can try on your arm or hand back skin first to check if the strength is good for your. If you think it is too strong, you can dilute it with distilled water. It is always best to start with a low concentration if your skin is new to TCCA, then build up your resilience. TCCA peels generally takes 15 to 30 minutes. The exact length of treatment will depend on how many “coats” of the acid are applied to your skin. First, your skin should be cleansed and degreased. Then the acid will be applied. The skin will frost (turn white) upon application. As soon as the acid has reached the intended depth, it can then be washed off, or neutralized by adding a spoon of bicarbonate of soda, to two spoons of water, and applying to the face. You’ll experience a slight stinging sensation during the 2 to 4 minutes the solution remains on your skin. Ice water or a fan may reduce any discomfort. You may then apply an antiseptic healing cream 2 to 3 times per day until peeling has stopped. We will email you the directions after shipping. you have to read it online.

Product Features

  • 15% is for those new used to these type of peels, and need something a little stronger.
  • 25% for experienced users who have had peels before and reduces/removes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • 50% For tattoo removal or can be diluted for other applications.
  • 100% MUST not be used anywhere on the body and must be diluted to the correct appropriate strength before use. Bottled spring water or distilled water can be used for dilution. (All our peels can be diluted should you feel the peel you picked is too strong)
  • Made in Korea. Ship worldwide free.

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