Tattoo Eyebrow Removal Beauty Machine Q Switch With Red Light 1 Year Warranty Elitzia ETLS50V

This tattoo eyebrow removal system introduces gem-adjusting Q switch, which uses high energy by instant emission of beam to remove the pigment. This is a fixed wavelength beam, through the accumulation of high energy in a very short period of time (only 6 nanoseconds) to make some of the pigment group from the shallow epidermis out, while the rest of the pigment group will become very small particles, will eventually be released through the lymphatic system circulation of the body, pigment will fade until disappeared. is very safe and harmless to the human body.

Machine structure

Tattoo Removal System is made up of light route system, power supply system, computer controlling system, cooling system, etc. The light route system is installed into the hand piece, but power supply, controlling and cooling system are installed into the machine box of power supply.

Technical parameters

Power source: 110v~220v

Wavelength: 1064/532 nm

Repetition frequency: 1, 2, 3,4,5, 6Hz

Pulse width:8ns

Pulse energy: 0~1000mj

Cooling method:inner circulation water cooling

Normal working condition:


Relative humidity:≤70%



1 x Main Unit

1 x Hand piece

2 x Tips

1 x Water funnel

1 x Package box

1 x Foot touch

1 x Protective goggle

1 x Power line

Product Features

  • Micro Computer counts the shoots. Innovative in technology, strict in technical detection, precise in manufacture, stable and effective in performance.
  • Special designed cooling system ensures constantly working.
  • Portable and aseismatic, convenient for transportation.
  • User friendly interface with LCD display.
  • No injury to normal tissue, remove pigmentation without side effects or scar, short operation period with outstanding effect.

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