Ready Betty Ultimate Styling Kit – Bikini Hair Removal Cream

The ultimate styling kit for down there! Everything you need in one kit to keep your betty in great shape including the revolutionary bettybare conditioning cream hair remover with no “bad smell” formula! Imagine a hair removal cream you’ll want to use! The hot new way to remove hair, READY betty also has betty charmcils, petite bikini scissors and a specialty finishing tool. More fun than a Brazilian, it is your solution for easy, affordable trimming and bikini hair removal! Use with any betty color to get your betty ready!

Why don’t you share a new betty color kit with your man? We have found that many men are buying betty products because of its gentle, safe formula. Men have told us they have tried other hair dye products for men on their hair down there, but were severely irritated. Men also like to use the natural betty colors on their facial and chest hair.

We are very excited the hit TV show “The Doctors” once again confirmed betty is the safe way to cover gray, match the hair above with the hair below or use just for fun! In fact, the betty press keeps rolling in… Redbook, More and Oprah Magazine all love betty!


• BEST way to remove bikini hair!

• NO “bad smell” formula

• No more painful Brazilian bikini wax

• Long lasting results

• No more ingrown hairs or bumps

• Hygienically-safe to use frequently

• Removes hair deep in follicles with no irritations

Kit includes:

• bettybare revolutionary cream hair remover

• 8 unique stencil shapes

• petite custom scissors

• specialty finishing too

Product Features

  • Removes hair deep in follicles with no irritations – no more ingrown hairs or bumps
  • Long lasting results
  • NO
  • Hygienically-safe to use frequently
  • No more painful Brazilian bikini wax

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The Ultimate Guide To Tattoo Removal: How To Remove Tattoo For Good (Tattoo, Tattoo Removal, Removing Tattoo, How To Remove Tattoo, Tattoo Clearing)

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It’s possible to remove the tattoo mark from your skin, If you already didn’t know about it. You don’t have to be stuck up with it for rest of your life if you are not happy with it. Their could be multiple reason why you want it be removed like breakup with earlier relationship, skin is sagging, you like another tattoo etc.
A study initiated by Myrna L. Armstrong of the Texas Tech University Health Center in 2006 reveals that one-fourth of American adults age 18 to 30 have at least one tattoo in their bodies. Her study even pointed out that at least 15 percent of the people who have tattoos are no longer happy with their permanent marks.

Techniques mentioned in this book will help you to get rid of tattoo for good. Go ahead and download if you want to know how to remove it.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Chapter 1: What is A Tattoo?
  • Chapter 2: Why People Get Rid of Their Tattoos?
  • Chapter 3: Tips for Tattoo Removal
  • Chapter 4: Laser
  • Much, much more!

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