Ocamo Tattoo Recovery Cream Tattoo Repairing Ointment 100 Pcs


Item type: tattoo repair cream

Product size: 21*14*5cm

Product features: suitable for tattoo repair

Applicable people: General

Product weight: 5g*100pcs

Package includes:

100 * tattoo repair cream


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Product Features

  • Made of advanced material, non-toxic and safe, healthy for direct skin touch.
  • Dedicated to repair damaged skin and accelerate skin healing.
  • Perfect as a gift for Tattoo lovers.
  • After tattoo care and maintenance, wiping 2-3 times a day, lightly coated with a layer continuously for a week.

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Q-DERM derma regeneration TREATMENT – scars , wrinkles and furrows. Repairing and anti-aging skin cream. Polypeptides the latest finding in biotechnology research

Q-DERM is suitable for all cases of weakened and ageing skin. Particularly for

  • skin weakened by external oxidative stress (smog and atmospheric agents)
  • mature, marked or damaged skin
  • post-traumatic skin treatment (surgery, peeling, tattoos, hair removal…)

Active ingredients restore the healthy condition of epidermis providing structure, direct and indirect replenishment, and enhancing cell tropism.

Hyaluronic acid : 

  • Forms a highly organized structure
  • Binds and retains water molecules in the stratum corneum

Polypeptides :

  • Stimulate collagene and elastine natural production.
  • Enhance hyaluronic acid-collagen integration (particularly important in over 40s).
  • Stimulate cellular metabolic process such as Krebs Cycle by integrating natural cell regeneration process.
  • reduce visibility of expression wrinkles. With a botox-like effect

Beta glycyrrhetinic acid: prolongs cell life cycle by acting against oxidative processes, protects blood microcirculation

Beta glucan : nutritive, anti inflammatory and film-forming agent

Product Features

  • Q-DERM is formulated for in-depth treatment of the epidermis, for skin renewal and derma-repair. Polypeptides the latest finding in biotechnology research
  • Ensures a deep relaxing action of the skin furrows, an epidermis firming effect, a decongestant effect, a filler effect and an overall smooth skin result

  • SPECIAL OFFERS 2018 till 31 May
  • Apply a SMALL AMOUNT of cream onto the skin, twice a day (morning and evening), and rub it in gently until completely absorbed. Glycerin (which helps transport polypeptides) may need few seconds after application to be adsorbed

  • Cosmetic product as per Reg. 1223/2009 EEC – Production under ISO9001 and GMP procedures – No preservatives, no silicone, no parabens, no petrolatum – Made in Italy

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Thinkmax 2 pcs Tattoo Scarring Cure Tattoo Recovery Cream Ice Crystals Repairing Eyebrow Lip Eyeliner Lip Reduce Pain Skin Care

100% Brand new and high quality
Product Category: beauty
Skin Type: all type skin
Gender: unisex
Color: as show
Size: 10ml
Application: Suit many types of skin to repair after getting a tattoo, can be used for both eyebrow and lip tattoo.
Application Amount:
You can use it immediately after doing a tattoo, 3 to 5 times a day.
Then crust less thinner. Continuous use of about 7 days.
1. Antibacterial sterilization
2. Protects against the bubble
3. Different anti-platoon
4. Fixed color
5. Protect against allergy
6. Fast repair.
7. Does not tie the crust

Package Include: 2 * ice crystals

How to use?
1. Break apart the lid.
2. Press the putter from below to the top.
3. Apply gently at the tattoo.
4. Will break off the head upside down when the lid is used.
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Product Features

  • Ingredient – Made from non-toxic pure natural plants extracts.
  • Application – Suit many types of skin to repair after getting a tattoo, can be used for both eyebrow and lip tattoo.
  • Feature – Antibacterial sterilization, protects against the bubble, different anti-platoon, fast repair, etc.
  • Use Way – You can use it immediately after doing a tattoo, 3 to 5 times a day, continuous use of about 7 days.

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