Skin Tag Eraser Age Spots Removal,Mole Removal Pen, Freckle,Tool Pigmentation Tattoo Nevus Wart Electronic Removal Beauty System Kit with Manual by DALEMY

The freckle removal pen featured with the ionization carbonization technology. It is able to remove various elements on the skin safely without bleeding: freckle, skin tag, mole, age spot, dark spot, skin pigmentation, tattoo, nevus, and wart.
Freckle remover designed with 3 adjustable power outputs, applicable to a wide range of freckles or skin tags of different sizes.
The USB rechargeable tool makes it easy to carry, and a full charge brings 5 hours use with the selection of different powers.

Freckle Remover operational guide.
1.Charge the eraser via USB AC adapter.
2.Unplug from the USB.
3.Insert a needle into the mole remover.
4.Directly insert the coarse needle into the head of the pen and tighten.
5.The fine needle should be used with the pinhead cover.
6.Sterilize the fine and coarse needles of freckle remover by wipe them with alcohol pad before use.
7.Skin must be dry. Clean targeted area with antiseptic.
8.You may apply a topical agent to numb the area.
9.Long press On/Off button for 2 sec to power on or shutdown mole removal pen.
10.Short press On/Off button to choose level of intensity (1 is the lowest, 3 is the highest).
11.Keep pressing the Out button to start work, and tap with the remover pen to work through the mole/skin tag/freckle/age spot.
12.Apply an antibiotic cream after the procedure.

Package includes
1 mole removal pen,1 special manual, 6 needles,1 USB cord

100% money back guarantee
If the mole removal pen didn’t work or damaged when you received it feel free to contact us to ask a replacement. If you read the manual but still don’t know how to use, you can ask customer service directly.

Product Features

  • UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY – The freckle remover produces ionized molecules that per-vade into cells and eliminate age spots and tattoo pigment for safe and easy freckle and mole removal in the comfort of your home.
  • SIMPLE USE – The mole removal tool uses 3 levels of intensity for different skin types. 1st level is used on spots and freckles, 2nd and 3rd levels are used on moles, nevus, wart and skin tags.
  • HEALTHY SKIN CARE – The freckle removal tool comes with 5 fine needles and 1 coarse needle. Disposable needles directly work on the pigmentation problem areas, causing no damage to lower layers of the epidermis or hair follicles.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY & USB CHARGER – The mole eraser equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery up to 5 hours, freckle removal tool can be charged by any USB charger, even a computer’s.
  • PREMIUM-QUALITY – The freckle removal system kit is made of high quality, safe, durable and sturdy materials. Thoroughly tested and approved by a lot of users!

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