Tattooist Choice Maximum Strength Pain Reliever Cream 30 grams

Uses To Temporarily Relieves Pain. Mostly Use for Piercing, Waxing, Tattoo, Tattoo Removal, Derma Therapy and also Use For Minor Burns, Sunburn, Minor Cuts, Scrapes or Minor Skin Irritations. Adult and Children Use Friendly. Children Application should be supervised by an Adult. Uses for more than 106 beauty treatments and mode of application are different for each treatments.

Product Features

  • Apply To The Skin To Relieve Pain
  • Rapid Absortion – Fast Penetration – Long Lasting
  • Temporary Relief of Pain – Heal – Soothes
  • Use for More Than 106 Beauty Treatments and Each Mode of Application Differ
  • Use by Professional – Individuals – Adult and Children (supervised)

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