TattooMed L2 Skin Repair – Laser Aftercare and Skin Regeneration for Freshly Laser Treated Skin – (1 x 75ml)

TattooMed Laser Aftercare L2 SKIN REPAIR for the rapid regeneration of laser-treated skin. The specially developed formular deeply penetrates the skin and offers through its high-quality ingredients optimal care and supports a pleasant skin feel.
The TattooMed Laser Aftercare L2 SKIN REPAIR should be applied several times daily to the laser-treated skin.

Product Features

  • L2 Skin Repair is the ideal intensive treatment of freshly treated skin after your PMU appointment.
  • The active substance Dexpanthenol (7%) ensures that a thin layer of cream is enough to keep your skin supple and moist.
  • L2 Skin Repair does not grease or stick to clothes.
  • Helps your skin regenerate faster and healthier after getting laser treatment.
  • 100% Vegan, No Animal Testing. Dermatologically Tested and Approved for sensitive skin.

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Q-DERM derma regeneration TREATMENT – scars , wrinkles and furrows. Repairing and anti-aging skin cream. Polypeptides the latest finding in biotechnology research

Q-DERM is suitable for all cases of weakened and ageing skin. Particularly for

  • skin weakened by external oxidative stress (smog and atmospheric agents)
  • mature, marked or damaged skin
  • post-traumatic skin treatment (surgery, peeling, tattoos, hair removal…)

Active ingredients restore the healthy condition of epidermis providing structure, direct and indirect replenishment, and enhancing cell tropism.

Hyaluronic acid : 

  • Forms a highly organized structure
  • Binds and retains water molecules in the stratum corneum

Polypeptides :

  • Stimulate collagene and elastine natural production.
  • Enhance hyaluronic acid-collagen integration (particularly important in over 40s).
  • Stimulate cellular metabolic process such as Krebs Cycle by integrating natural cell regeneration process.
  • reduce visibility of expression wrinkles. With a botox-like effect

Beta glycyrrhetinic acid: prolongs cell life cycle by acting against oxidative processes, protects blood microcirculation

Beta glucan : nutritive, anti inflammatory and film-forming agent

Product Features

  • Q-DERM is formulated for in-depth treatment of the epidermis, for skin renewal and derma-repair. Polypeptides the latest finding in biotechnology research
  • Ensures a deep relaxing action of the skin furrows, an epidermis firming effect, a decongestant effect, a filler effect and an overall smooth skin result

  • SPECIAL OFFERS 2018 till 31 May
  • Apply a SMALL AMOUNT of cream onto the skin, twice a day (morning and evening), and rub it in gently until completely absorbed. Glycerin (which helps transport polypeptides) may need few seconds after application to be adsorbed

  • Cosmetic product as per Reg. 1223/2009 EEC – Production under ISO9001 and GMP procedures – No preservatives, no silicone, no parabens, no petrolatum – Made in Italy

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