Mole Remover, Esolom 9 Strength Levels Skin Tag Removal Kit, Portable USB Rechargeable Mole Removal Pen for Face Body-Nevus Warts Age Spot Blemish Freckle Tattoo Remover Beauty Pen with LCD Display


1:Featuring with the carbon-ionization technology, instantly sweep freckles, tattoo,dark spots, moles,warts without bleeding.

2: Upgraded 9 adjustable Strength Levels, applicable to wider skin tag mole remove.

3: Portable rechargeable design makes it easy to carry, a full charge brings up to 5 hours using.

4: Working status, battery status, and strength level can be easily seen on the LCD display.

2 types needles:

-The coarse needle (Reusable): Applicable to the larger moles, skin tags and tattoo, ect. Can remove the moles with a fast speed.

-The fine needles (Disposable): Applicable to relatively small spot and freckle. Better for detail work.


Step 1: Charge the pen before using via USB cord, sterilize and disinfect the fine and coarse needles before using.

Step 2: The coarse needle can insert into the head of the pen directly; the fine needles should insert into the needle cover firstly and then insert the pinhead cover into the head of the pen, tightening clockwise finally.

Step 3: Long press the ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds to turn power on or off.

Step 4: press the OUT button and tap the target skin area to work through the blemish.


1. Please disinfect the needle and skin with alcohol before use.

2. Please try to use fine needles and low frequency levels, such as 1-3 levels, and then try higher levels such as 4-9 after you are skilled.You can try to test this product on the apple peel before use.

3. If you have any problems and trouble during use, please feel free to contact us, we are always here.We support 100% money back warranty for 30 days.

4.Package includes:1 x Mole Removal Pen,2 x Corase Needles,1 x USB Cord,20 x Fine Needles,1 x needle cover,1 x Manual

Product Features

  • ❤ Safety & Advanced skin tag remover pen: This mole removal pen adopts carbon-ionization technology, with this technology the moles/dark spots/warts/freckle/tattoo on your skin can be removed bloodlessly effectively and quickly.You will experience a process with little pain to enjoy your flawless look and say goodbye to spots.
  • ❤ 2018 Upgraded 9 Adjustable Power: This skin mole removal has 9 output powers options for different treatments, It can more accurately select the frequency that is appropriate for your skin, causing less pain to the body.Lower levels with fine needles better for spot and freckle, higher levels with coarse needle better for moles, skin tags and tattoo. You would like removing moles by yourself at home rather than going to the dermatologist.
  • ❤ Portable Rechargeable Skin Tag Mole Remover: Esolom pen mole remover features ergonomic grip handle with perfect balance and weight, one on/off button design. Just insert the needle, choose the strength levels, press the OUT button and tap the target skin area to work through the blemish. The mole remover pen comes with a USB cord, will runs about 5 hours for one full charge.
  • ❤ Fashion Style & LCD display: Our exquisite Body Facial Mole Removal Pen comes with 20 replaceable fine needles and 2 coarse needles, sturdy and durable. And this mole removal tool designed with a LCD displat shows the working status, battery status, and strength level.The unique pattern design looks high-grade, gift-box packaging could be as a perfect present for your friends and families.
  • ❤ FDA certification & Easy to operate: Our laser mole removal obtained FDA certification, so that it is safe and harmless, please feel free to use it.Just insert the needle, tighten clockwise. Choose the strength levels, press the OUT button and burn the skin tag /mole /freckles /spots /warts, exposing the underlying pigmented skin, a little scar will form. Leave it alone, the scabbing will come off naturally and fall off after about a week, just as freckles / moles never exist.

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QJHP Portable Mole Tattoo Remover Pen LED 9 Adjustable Rechargeable Dark Spot Remover Pen Freckle Remove Pen Tattoo Removal Machine For Face Wart Tag Skin Care

Portable 9 Adjustable Rechargeable Skin Tag Removal Pen With LCD Warts Dot Dark Spot Mole Remover

Feature:Pigment Removal, Pigmentation Correctors, Tattoo Removal, mole removal
Operation System:Ionic
Model Number:CHY-1704374
Name:mole remover
Power:USB Charger
Function:Remove plaques dot mole to granulation to melanin to tattoo, etc
LED:LED Display

1. Before use the device on your own skin, please practice on pigskin until you are familiar with it.
2. Do not clean the affected area with strong alkaline washing or scrub.
3. Please promptly remove the needle after use, clean and disinfect, then keep dry.
4. During the recovery period (1-3 months), do not eat spicy food, keep a healthy lifestyle.
5. Do not use your hands to scratch when the scab itch.
6. Do not wash the device in water.
7. When out of service for long period, it should be stored in a dry and cold place.
8. Keep away from children, persons who don’t know operation and pets.

Product Features

  • safe and comfortable: Remove spot without burning the skin. Using high-tech, electric ion carbonation functions to instantly sweep freckles, age spot, flat moles, etc. Removal can be achieved quickly without bleeding, safe and side effects of medical cosmetic results.
  • applicable to a variety of situations: 9 needles suitable for different skin tolerance.
  • adopted microcomputer control: Which is safe, fast and convenient, stainless steel spot pen is non-toxic, hygienic, uneasy to rust for a secure use.
  • intelligent processing: Using 6 gears adjustable scan spot power output for reliable treatment, unique electric ion carbonation function, which can effectively sweep freckles instantly, senile plaques, flat moles, etc.
  • LCD display: Shows how much power it is and the levels of gear, which is very clear to read either of them. charge directly by USB line, easy carry and easy operate.

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[2018 Upgraded] Skin Tag Remover- Portable 9 Strength Levels Mole Removal Pen with LCD Display Professional USB Rechargeable Beauty Pen for Freckle Nevus Warts Age Spot Tattoo

Portable Mole Remover Pen with 9 Adjustable Strength Levels/LCD Display/USB Power Skin Tag Removal Tool for Face Leg Body – Wake Up Your Skin

How to use?
1. Choose the proper needle and install it on the pen point.
2. Long Press the power button for about 3 seconds to turn on/off the pen.
3. Click the power button to choose the proper level.
4. Double click the power button to turn on/off the spotlight.

Install the needles:
1. Directly insert the coarse needle into the head of the pen and tighten clockwise.
2. The fine needle should be used with the pinhead cover. Place the fine pinhead into the needle cover, and then insert the pinhead cover into the head of the pen, tightening clockwise.
3. Sterilize and disinfect the fine and coarse needles before use by boiling them in water or wiping them with alcohol pad.

Gear Range : 9 strength levels
Material: ABS & steel needle
Dimension: 175*35mm
Weight: 100g
Input Power: 5W
Input Voltage: 5V
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

Packaging Contents:
1* mole remover pen
1* USB charging cable
30* Fine needles
3* Coarse needles
1* Instruction Manual

Product Features

  • 【NATURAL MOLE REMOVER】 Featuring carbon-ionization technology, this mole removal pen can effectively, bloodlessly and quickly remove dark spots/freckle/mole/wart/tattoo on your skin. Make your face and body look smooth, soft, and free of any pigmentation or blemishes.
  • 【2018 Upgraded Design】 9 adjustable modes for different skins, USB charging (Charge one time it can work more than five hours). Designed with an LCD display shows the working level and battery level. Needle spot light, convenient and practical, security chip. OUT setting button, safe and reliable, makes the device more controllable. which can satisfy your face or body needs.
  • 【PORTABLE & EASY TO USE】 This travel-size skin tag remover is easy to grip and operate. Just cleaning the needle and your skin with alcohol before use, gently sweeps around the spot and then use the swabs to wipe off, you will find the pigments will be gone quickly. It’s better to take sometime to test on your feet or arms before first time using. Please read the instructions or search videos on YouTube.
  • 【SAVE BUDGETS & A GREAT GIFT】 With this beauty mole removal pen, you’ll love the convenience of being able of removing your moles from your own home on your free time and not having to spend a fortune every time going to the dermatologist. If our sweep pot pen does not satisfy your needs please contact us directly for a help. Comes with luxury packing, and English user manual. It will be an amazing gift for your friends and families.
  • 【SERVICE GUARANTEE】100% money back guarantee. Built-in USB charging cable can be used to charge battery from any USB charging device (including cellphone chargers, power banks, notebook computers, car chargers, etc.). what’s more ,over-discharge protection prevent any abnormal occurs. It comes with 30 replaceable fine needles and 3 coarse needles. perfect workmanship,sturdy and durable.

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Face Spot Spotting Pen, Plasma Pen, Professional Portable Skin Removal Markers, Brown, Pigment Spots, Dark Spots, Birth Markers, Pigmentation, Age Spots, Tattoo, LCD Screen USB Charging

Material: ABS + Steel
gold: color
Battery type: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Charge method: USB charging
input: 5 V 1A
power: 5 W
LCD screen design, the powerand intensity speed battery are clearly at a glance.

Package Includes:
1 x Spot Remover Pen
1 x USB Charging Cable
10 x Fine needles
3 x Coarse Needles
1 x Instruction Guide

operating principle:
smart treatment, reliable, safe and no side effectsof medical beauty.
The use of high technology, electric ion carbonation function, instant scan freckles, senile plaques, flat moles.
When the needle touches the skin of freckles, it produces plasma at high temperature immediately, when it touches the freckle, the stain, it will produce a small flame, we call it the carbide skin problem.
the microvascular will solidify quickly without bleeding, then it will form carbon scabs, protect the skin from the wound of infection, after about 1 week, the crust will weed without scar.

Product Features

  • 9 intensity for different treatment, 9 adjustable output powers, smart processing, reliable.
  • the adoption of the latest electric ion high-tech carbonization, Does not feel pain to people, effective without bleeding in the process of use.
  • 10pcs Fine needles and 3pcs big needles to meet different treatment needs.
  • USB charging, it can be used continuously for more than 5 hours after a full charge.
  • It can be used to remove stains, freckles, fat granules, nevi, moles, wart, tattoo, granulation, and so on.

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Pawaca Professional Mole Removal Pen, Portable USB Beauty Pen – Effective Removal Body Facial Freckle Nevus Warts Age Spot Tattoo, Your Personal Beauty Doctor.

Pawaca Mole Removal Pen, Your Exclusive Beauty Doctor.


1. Using ionized carbon technology, safer and more convenient

2. Ion electric technology, using three adjustable sweep points, stable output power, safe and reliable processing.

3. Three-speed adjustment, ion technology, no current, no bleeding, no defects

4. Portable charging, once charging time can be maintained for more than five hours.

5. It will be the best investment you make considering how much it costs to have on professionally remove.

How To Use

1. Compress the alcohol-soaked sterile needle and clean the skin with alcohol.

2. Use pinion to determine the gear (squid stains, small area spots, large area spot using bull gear operation (do not pierce the skin)

3. Use a tattoo cream soothing cream deposited in a stable operation, cover with a film preservative, and clean the ointment for 15-30 minutes before operating the device.

4. Use a thick needle to remove large areas of blemishes, fine needles, and remove small areas of blemishes.


– Before use the device, please read the instructions first & practice on the fruit (like orange) until you are familiar with it.

– Remove the needle after use, clean and disinfect then keep dry.

– Keep away from children, person who don’t know operation.

– Only use the product on skin surface, NO NEED to insert into the skin.

Package include:

1 x Beauty Pen

1 x USB Cable

1 x Thick Needle

1 x Needle Cap

5 x Fine Needle

1 x Instructions

Product Features

  • [ Safe and Effective Mole Removal Pen ] – High-tech and ionized carbonation can instantly remove freckles, age spots, and flat warts. Comfortable, quick removal of freckles and side effects without burning normal skin and blood. you can use it with confidence.
  • [ Three Modes ] – 3 kinds of adjustable modes to do different treatment, smart and reliable. –1 level is used on spot and freckle. –2 level is used on skin tags. –3 level is used on mole, warts and tattoo, etc.
  • [ Easy To Use ] – Insert the needles, press the ON/OFF button for 2s, choose the strength level and tape around the target area to work through the blemish. It’s recommend to practice on your feet or arms at level 1 for few times.
  • [ Accessories Complete ] – This professional mole removal device comes with 5 thin needles and 1 coarse needle. Easy to remove tattoo, spot freckle, fleshy nevus pigment.
  • [ After-sales Warranty ] – If there is any question with our product or service, please contact us for help. We will respond within 24 hours. Please use the item according to the instructions.

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Professional Needles for Plasma Pen Dot Mole Removal/Universal Mole Tattoo Remover Pen Needles Portable Dot Removal Kit 2 Pack

Universal Mole Tattoo Remover Pen needles, suitable for MOST of the mole remover pen in the market.

1. Remove moles
2. Remove wart (verruca)
3. Remove freckle, spots
4. Remove fleshy nevus
5. Remove tattoo

These needles must be used in the laser freckle removal machine

Package Content:
2pack Skin Tag Remover Pen Needles
(Include 20pcs fine needles, 2 thick needles, 2 needles cases)

Product Features

  • 1.Strong stainless steel material with high quality and healthy guarantee. Caution: You need to disinfect the needle before use. For special nevus and freckle, need to operate under the guidance of a doctor. Avoid children and non-professional
  • 2.20 Pcs fine needles for sweeping small spots, freckles, and wart as mole removal machine beauty equipment.
  • 3.It is recommended to buy more needles for replacement as the needles are a consumable. Please replace the needles when they become black.
  • 4.Professional and Universal version, suitable for most of the mole tattoo remover spot eraser pro pen in the market.
  • 5.Package: 20pcs fine needles, 2 thick needles and 2 needle cases. A thick needle for removing big area of spots and tattoo, a needle base for fixing needles as an alternative, prevent loss.

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Mole Removal Pen Removes Freckles And Black Spots Tattoo Beauty Skin Machine Portable USB Charging With Led Display 5Adjustable,White

Easy to use:
1. Charge the pen before use.
2. Charging via USB charger (including charging cable)
3. When the device is charging, white light will flash; when the flash is next to 3, you can use the device.
4. Unplug the plug from USB when in use
Mounting needles:
1. Before use, wipe the needle with alcohol to disinfect, and then clean the skin to be coated with alcohol at the same time.
2. Insert the thick needle directly into the needle tip and tighten it clockwise.
3. Fine needles should be used with the needle cover. Insert the needle into the needle cover, then insert the needle cover into the needle and tighten it clockwise.
Using a pen
1. Press and hold the On/Off button for about 2 seconds to turn it on or off.
2. Short press the ON / OFF button to switch the speed level
3. Hold down the OUT button to start working, then use the pen to hit the mole.
4. When using, it is best to lay flat, do not stay in a place where the charring time is too long, so as not to burn the leather.
 Cautions 1. Keep away from children because the device can instantly produce high temperature effects when not in use. 2. You’d better not over-wash the affected area and take care of it within 30 days after use. Don’t scrub it hard, it won’t make the crust fall off artificially. 3. Don’t use it when it is itching Handcuffs and scars will be peeled off within 20-30 days.

Product Features

  • The package includes the following:
  • 1 mol removal pen
  • Data line Aircraft English manual Sleeve filling needle ※1 Fine needle ※5
  • Efficient removal of enamel pens, effective removal of skin dark spots through advanced technology, and tattooing and carbonation through ionization, freckles, scars and miracles
  • Before use, clean the needle and skin with alcohol, gently wipe and wipe with a cotton swab.

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Mole Removal Needles Needles for Plasma Pen Dot Mole Removal/Mole Tattoo Remover Pen Portable Dot Removal Kit 20 pcs Fine Needles + 6 Big Needle + 2 Needle Base

Product Features

  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • needles for plasma pen of mole removal.
  • Compatible with all devices Plasma Pen Dot Mole Removal Professional Portable for Skin Tag,Nevus,Freckles,Dark Spot,Birth Mark,Skin Pigmentation, Age Spots,Tattoo … (Plasma Pen) i.e. almost all existing devices.
  • Package Included: Fine needle*20, Coarse needle*6, Needle Base*2.
  • Keep away from children, persons who don’t know operation and pets.

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Picosecond Pen Portable Hand-held Instrument Picosecond Tattoo and Melanin Scar Mole Dark Spot Skin Pigment Remover Device With Eyeglass (Pink Red)

Product Features

  • PICOSECOND FRECKLE PEN: high quality manufactured and electronic component,blue LED light, it has four gears of energy intensity and nine gears of working frequency. Its pulse width is short, it hardly produces light and heat effect, no damage to the undamaged tissue
  • EFFCIENT: can effectively resolve melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits,comprehensive reduce freckles and dark spots, refine skin from within way give off a healthy glow
  • MORE FASTER: powerful and ultra fast speed can instantly resolve melanin focused energy to clean and remove long-standing melanin problems. NOTE: only for professional use and if you want to use it at home, please learn carefully about all about the device,and the user manual is in english.
  • The RED ONE’s main function are washing eyebrow, mole removal and tattoo removing , and its Power is bigger than the blue one. The Blue ONE’s main function are washing eyebrow, mole removal ,tattoo removing and Freckle removing , and its operation is more delicate the the red one.
  • PROMISE: Shop from us, and quality is guarantee, we offer you one year warranty, within 6 months with no effect, 100% refund.

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Mole Removal Pen, OKEEY 60 in 1 Portable USB Rechargeable Skin Tag Mole Remover 9 Strength Levels for Face Body – Warts,Nevus, Dark Spots, Freckles, Tattoo Security Removal Tool with LCD Display

Super Safe & Easy Removal! Making your skin becomes purer.

This mole remover pen is the best security mole removal tool to remove some moles, skin tags and freckles, warts.
The display screens is very clear, it also has nine levels that you can use, and it is very safe and effective.
Instantly sweep away moles without damaging normal skin. And, no bleeding!
100% money back guarantee.

East to use:
1. Charge the pen before use.
2. Charge via USB AC adapter (charging cable included)
3. A white light will blink when the device is charging;
4. Before use, unplug the USB cable.
Install the needles:
5. Directly insert the coarse needle into the head of the pen and tighten clockwise.
6. The fine needle should be used with the pinhead cover. Place the fine pinhead into the needle cover, and then insert the pinhead cover into the head of the pen, tightening clockwise.
7. Sterilize and disinfect the fine and coarse needles before use by boiling them in water or wiping them with alcohol pad.
Operate the pen:
8. Long press the ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds to turn power on or off.
9. Short press ON/OFF button to switch the power level.
10. Press and hold the OUT button to start functioning of the pen, and tap the pen on the target area of skin to work through the blemish.

1 x Mole Removal Pen
2 x Corase Needles
30 x Fine Needles
30 x cotton swabs
2 x needle covers
1 x Manual
1 x Charging Cable

Product Features

  • Getting rid of any more skin tags at home: Thanks skin tag removal pen, you can remove the skin tag mole at home.It will be the best security mole removal tool to remove some moles, skin tags and freckles, warts.
  • Easy to use: Easy to use and it works great, all you have to do is connect the USB charging cord and charge it up before you start. Then, put the noodle that you need in, the package came with most of the needles that you need for any occasions, like moles, blemishes, dark spot, and etc.
  • 9 Different Adjustable Scan Spot Power Outputs for Different treatments: Equipped with HD LCD screen to show the 9 strength levels and remaining power. Start the setting at 2 or 3, you can adjust higher, if needed. If you are just starting, the lower levels are used on spot and freckle and the stronger levels are used on mole and skin tags.
  • Safe and Effective facial mole removal: Very reliable and safe to use with FDA approved. This mole removal pen is a good size that makes it really easy to hold, it comes with sterilized needles that are very obviously sterilized so it makes you feel at ease when you are using them. The charge lasts for at the very least 4 hours because that’s how long you used it for.Comfortable and fast to remove the freckle and moles without any side effect.
  • Convenient and lifetime warranty: Charging capability via USB plug. Come with 30 replaceable fine needles 30 cotton swabs and 2 coarse needles. The cotton swabs are recommended to clean the area of your skin before use.

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