Mole Removal Pen,YINGLUN Portable USB Charging Plasma Pen Dot Mole Removal Kit, Perfect for Mole, Skin tag, Nevus, Freckles, Dark Spot, Birth Mark, Skin Pigmentation, Age Spots

This USB Charging mole removal pen used high-tech,electric ion carbonation function, instant sweep freckles,senile plaques,flat moles,etc., can be used be achieved without bleeding in the case of fast,safe and no side effects of medical beauty.

1.The use of the latest technology, microcomputer control, safe,convenient, fast.
2.Using 2 adjustable scan spot power output, treatment of smart, reliable.
3.Unique electric ion technology, the use of the process will not make people feel the existence of electric current, no bleeding.
4.Plug-in cablnet and convenient to carry, charge a time to work more than five hours.

Method of use:
1.Power button (ON/OFF), long-press the (ON/OFF) button for 3 seconds (ON/OFF), After staring the red light from the default for the 1 tap postion, Red light stands. When start up without any operation,it will be automatically shut down after 30 minutes. Short (ON/OFF)button swith power outputsize (1.Hight 2.Medium 3.Down) Fast even press twice (ON/OFF), it will show the current battery level, and then press any key will be return (Green represents power)
2.When press the work key (OUT), it is begin to work, release will stop working.( The light will be orange when working)
3.Protective function: long-press (OUT) for 2 minutes, the device will be automatically stop working.If you need to continue to work, must loosen (OUT) button, then begin to work after press it.
4.Power and charging indication: All 3 green lights on, it stands for the full power. When the 2nd light on, the power will became 75%, the last green light on, the power will became 25%. When use the 5V charger, the device will be off automatically and stop working.

Package Includes:
1 x Spot Removal Pen
1 x Big Needles
1 x USB Line
5 x Small Needles
1 x Manual

Product Features

  • USB Charging mole removal pen: This item built-in Polymer lithium battery,it comes with USB cable,easy to charge.
  • 3-level setting mole removal kit:Lower level is used on spot and freckle. Strong level is usred on mole and skin tags.
  • Unique electric ion technology beauty device: Which make the item removing spots without hurting the normal skin, no bleeding and little pain.
  • Replaceable Needles Professional mole removal device: It comes with 5 fine needles and 1 coarse needle. perfect for tattoo spot freckle fleshy nevus pigment.
  • 100% money back if you not satisfied our item, please use the item as the instructions.

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