Pawaca Professional Mole Removal Pen, Portable USB Beauty Pen – Effective Removal Body Facial Freckle Nevus Warts Age Spot Tattoo, Your Personal Beauty Doctor.

Pawaca Mole Removal Pen, Your Exclusive Beauty Doctor.


1. Using ionized carbon technology, safer and more convenient

2. Ion electric technology, using three adjustable sweep points, stable output power, safe and reliable processing.

3. Three-speed adjustment, ion technology, no current, no bleeding, no defects

4. Portable charging, once charging time can be maintained for more than five hours.

5. It will be the best investment you make considering how much it costs to have on professionally remove.

How To Use

1. Compress the alcohol-soaked sterile needle and clean the skin with alcohol.

2. Use pinion to determine the gear (squid stains, small area spots, large area spot using bull gear operation (do not pierce the skin)

3. Use a tattoo cream soothing cream deposited in a stable operation, cover with a film preservative, and clean the ointment for 15-30 minutes before operating the device.

4. Use a thick needle to remove large areas of blemishes, fine needles, and remove small areas of blemishes.


– Before use the device, please read the instructions first & practice on the fruit (like orange) until you are familiar with it.

– Remove the needle after use, clean and disinfect then keep dry.

– Keep away from children, person who don’t know operation.

– Only use the product on skin surface, NO NEED to insert into the skin.

Package include:

1 x Beauty Pen

1 x USB Cable

1 x Thick Needle

1 x Needle Cap

5 x Fine Needle

1 x Instructions

Product Features

  • [ Safe and Effective Mole Removal Pen ] – High-tech and ionized carbonation can instantly remove freckles, age spots, and flat warts. Comfortable, quick removal of freckles and side effects without burning normal skin and blood. you can use it with confidence.
  • [ Three Modes ] – 3 kinds of adjustable modes to do different treatment, smart and reliable. –1 level is used on spot and freckle. –2 level is used on skin tags. –3 level is used on mole, warts and tattoo, etc.
  • [ Easy To Use ] – Insert the needles, press the ON/OFF button for 2s, choose the strength level and tape around the target area to work through the blemish. It’s recommend to practice on your feet or arms at level 1 for few times.
  • [ Accessories Complete ] – This professional mole removal device comes with 5 thin needles and 1 coarse needle. Easy to remove tattoo, spot freckle, fleshy nevus pigment.
  • [ After-sales Warranty ] – If there is any question with our product or service, please contact us for help. We will respond within 24 hours. Please use the item according to the instructions.

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Pawaca Mole Removal Pen, Portable LCD Display USB Rechargeable Skin Tag Removal Tool Kit with 8 Strength Levels Professional Beauty Pen for Removal Body Facial Freckle Nevus Warts Age Spot Tattoo


SAFE: Featured with the ionization carbonization technology, it makes people feel without the existence of current during the using process.
HIGHLY EFFICIENT: Instantly sweep mole without hurting the normal skin and no bleeding.


1. Charge the pen before use.
2. Charge via USB ac adapter ( includes charging cable)
3. A white light will blink when the device is charging; When the blinking light is next to the 3, you can use the device
4. To use, unplug from the USB
Install the needles:
5. Directly insert the corase needle into the head of the pen and tighten clockwise.
6. The fine needle should be used with the pinhead cover. Rip the fine pinhead into the pinhead cover, and then insert the pinhead cover into the head of the pen, and then tighten clockwise.
7. Sterilize the fine and coarse needles by boiling them in water or wipe them with alcohol pad for disinfection before use.
Operate the pen:
8. Long press ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds to power on or shutdown.
9. Short press ON/OFF button to switch the speed level
10. Keep pressing the OUT button to start work, and tap with the pen to work through the mole.

Package include:
1 x Mole Removal Pen
1 x USB Charging Cable
10 x Needles
1 x Manual

Product Features

  • EASY TO USE: Being easy to grip and operate, this beauty pen is not a complicated product. Just insert the needle, turn on this freckle remover, and choose the strength you want. Press the OUT button and tap the target area of skin to work through the blemish. You’ll find that the pigments will disappear instantly. Please take some time to practice on your feet or arms with strength-level 1, and take a look at the instruction videos available on YOUTUBE.
  • 2018 UPGRADE VERSION: The mole removal pen built in 8 level strength adjustment for different skin tolerance. Convenient USB charging for protection longer service life. Working mode and battery level can be observed visually on LCD Display, helps you control the machine better.
  • SAFE & EFECTIVE: This skin tag remover uses a new generation of plasma micro-district discharge technology with low temperatures and high frequencies. This upgraded chip allows for no bleeding, and no sensation of being shocked by electricity. Also, the new design is elegant and ergonomic. Instantly sweep away moles, skin tags, freckles, age spots, small tattoo, etc, without damaging unintended areas. Make your face and body look smooth, soft, and free of any pigmentation or blemishes.
  • ECONOMICAL: You’ll love the convenience of removing moles from your own home on your own time instead of having to spend a fortune going to a dermatologist. Now, you can same benefits that you would get from seeing a skin care person, but without the high cost and inconvenience.
  • GUARANTEE: 100% money back guarantee, if our mole removal pen didn’t work or damaged when you received it feel free to contact us to ask a replacement.If you read the instructions but still don’t know how to use, you can search on Youtube to watch the video or ask us customer service directly.

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