Nourish Ink | Professional Tattoo Aftercare Cream/Balm 100ml | Developed & Manufactured by Nourish Ink | Made in the United Kingdom | For Direct Use on Fresh Tattoos & Continual Aftercare

Nourish Ink incredible formula which Nourishes and covers tattoos.

Using only Natural Active Ingredients we have created a Tattoo Aftercare Balm which will nourish and protect your new Tattoo, leaving your skin smooth and healthy while aiding the healing process

Product Features

  • ☠ NOURISH INK TATTOO FORMULA: The Best Natural Choice for Healing Your New Tattoo Fast!
  • ☠ FOR BEST TATTOO RESULTS: Nourish Ink Enables the Skin to Breathe Naturally, Whilst Reducing Irritation
  • ☠ USED BY PROFESSIONAL TATTOO ARTISTS: Developed in Conjunction with Tattoo Artists to Ensure the Best Results.
  • ☠ MADE IN THE UK: Using the Highest Quality Ingredients to Heal, Soothe, Protect & Nourish your Body Art.

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