Evaliss Galvanic Hot and Cold Ultrasonic Facial Massager Skin Care Device for Anti-Wrinkle Tightening

Solve 7 major problems of your skin

1.Lymphatic drainage
2.Shrink pores
3.Nutritional introduction
4.Improve dullness of your skin
5.Eliminate edema
6.Improve elasticity
7.Fit your make-up


Input voltage: DC 5V
Temperature range: 6-45℃
Vibration frequency: 9000 rpm
Charging time: 3.5hrs
Charging power: 2.5W
Using power: MAX 10W
Battery capacity: 750mAh
Standby time: 40days
Device weight:137.4g
Working time: 5mins every time
Device size: 154.8*51.9*38.5mm

Product Features

  • New design – new designed by designer, simple, elegant and functional
  • Tightening skin – warm and cool massage with ultrasonic vibration, can freely shift with 3 seconds. Insert deeper to rejuvenate your skin, easy to carry and care your skin anytime in anywhere
  • Cool setting mode – with 6℃, 8℃ and 10℃ three levels, after some basic skin care of emulsion and essence, accompany with cool mode to firm your skin shrink pores and better absorb Facial cream.
  • Hot setting mode – with 41℃, 43℃ and 45℃ three levels to improve skin temperature to quickly open the pores, essence would be easy to quickly penetrate the skin surface
  • Acoustic vibration – warm vibration to accelerate Skincare absorption, cool to lock the moisture when brings you comfortable massage

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Sonic Eye Massager Dark Circles Compression Fold and Anti Aging Dark Circle Remover

1. We recommend you to remove your glasses contact lenses before the eye care.
2. In order not to affect your makeup, please try to use the warm mode after removing your eye makeup.
3.After using the device, it’s better to gently tapping the eye while using some eye care cosmetic, can well enhance the absorption of eye muscle.

Power:MAX 7.8W
Temperature:8-43 ℃(±3)
Battery capacity:1000mAh
Working hours:5mins each time
Standby time:40hrs
Probe material: Advanced alloy
Body material: ABS

Product Features

  • Multi-function: this device designed with “ice-warm recall technology”, through different effects between the cool and warm feeling to relieve the different eye problems
  • 19℃ cool revitalized mode: which can cooling your eyes 8 degrees, 60 seconds to deep arousal your eyes, reduce eye swelling and bring you the fast refreshing effect. Stimulate eye activity, dilute melanin deposition and eliminate bags under the eyes
  • Warm relaxation mode: Close your eyes, use the circular concave surface perfect fit the eye and feel the heat to make you relax, moisten the eyes. Can also effectively alleviate the long time fatigue and eye dryness
  • Massage and turbidity elimination mode: can be used accompanied with the last two modes, relieve dark circles and to prevent the formation of early fine lines. Through high-frequency vibration, stimulate the eye meridians and restore eye vitality
  • Humanized design: one button to switch the three different modes; the anodic oxidation is used to produce several hundred microns oxide film on the surface of aluminum alloy, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the whole metal body

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Bescita Portable Beauty USB Charging Face Wrinkle Whitening Ion Induction Instrument Massager (White)

◆ Product Description:

◆ Product Name:Ion into the beauty instrument
◆ Product efficacy: Ion vibration / import nutrition / export impurities
◆ Operating voltage: DC3V / 120mA
◆ Plug: USB
◆ Size: 136 * 40 * 35mm
◆ Material: ABS body / stainless steel massage head
◆ Net weight: 50G
◆ Vibration frequency: 8500PRM
◆ Color box size: 80 * 37 * 165mm
◆ Function: Ultrasonic/ negative ion
◆ Color: White
◆ Power: 0.1W

◆ Parcels include:

◆ 1X beauty instrument

Product Features

  • ✔ Product efficacy: Ion vibration / import nutrition / export impurities
  • ✔ Operating voltage: DC3V / 120mA
  • ✔ Material: ABS body / stainless steel massage head
  • ✔ Vibration frequency: 8500PRM
  • ✔ Function: Ultrasonic/ negative ion

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