Gaddrt Women Makeup Natrual Cream Face Lips Concealer Highlight Contour Pen Stick (C)

Makeup Natrual Cream Face Lips Concealer Highlight Contour Pen Stick
100% brand new and high quality .
Quantity: 1PC
Color: as the picture show
Purpose: Concealer,whitening,isolation,repair
Type: Concealer Stick
Package Content:
1PC Concealer Pen
1. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.
2. Due to personal measurement technique is different, there may be 1-3mm error of the physical.Thank you!

Product Features

  • ❤❤ Purpose: Concealer,whitening,isolation,repair ❤❤ Size:11.3*2.3cm ❤❤ Type: Concealer Stick ❤❤
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Freckle Removal Machine Skin Mole Removal Beauty Portable German Technology Dark Spot Remover for Face Wart Tag Tattoo Pen Beauty Care

Computer system produce high-frequency current in an instant, to remove freckles, old patches, flat moles, etc.. No bleeding, no pain. Fast, and no side effects.

1. Because the unit can produce a high temperature effects in an instant, when not in use please avoid children to play
2. 30 days, it is not too good to use much to wash the affected area. (The easy care) does not scrub them can not artificially make the crust.
3. If itchy scab at the time (meatball anagen) do not use the clutch additionally, the right to be 20-30 days, scab on their own
4. The recovery time is 3-6 months do not eat ginger (after skin restoration is not so shallow) beef (red weak) sauce (it will be a compound when black) during the recovery period

The above matters, the attention is good, the skin can be restored to the original skin 95% directly after using this pencil by the machine pigment the treated areas for the next few days bloom. Then the redness remains for a few weeks. But I would say after a month, if they properly start the red spots healed begin to fade. Not sure if they ever disappear completely

Technical specifications:
Condition: 100% Brand New
Type: Stain removal Pen
Material: Plastic
Color white
Package Weight: Approx. 261g
Article Length: Approx. 17.6cm / 6.9inch
Function: Can be applied in places, point mole, tattoo removal

Product Features

  • Removal spot without huring the normal skin/without blooding / easy carry / easy operation.
  • Using high-tech, electric ion carbonation functions and instantly sweep freckles, age spot,flat moles,etc,can be achieved quickly without bleeding, safe and side effects of medical cosmetic results.
  • It has 3 kinds of intensity for different treatment. Lower level is used on spot and freckle. Strong level is used on mole and skin tags.
  • It use new generation of plasma micro district discharge technology with low temperature and high frequency.Directly charge by USB line.
  • In the operation of the instrument before you must keep the skin clean and white, the use of better results better.

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Vococal Mole Remover Removal Pen Machine Tool Kit Face Spot Eraser USB Charging for Face Dark Freckle Age Spot Pigmentation Nevus Skin Tag Pigmentation

Professional and portable mole removal pen Kit with replaceable needles, including 1 larger and 5 smaller needles
Safely and effectively removes smaller and bigger moles, granulation, tattoos, nevus, flesh protrusion, age spots, dark birth mark pigmentation
Removes skin spots without hurting your normal skin no excessive pain, no bleeding
High-Tech beauty device, USB charging with 3-level settings for easy removal
Easy to operate for your personal and professional cosmetic skin treatment (Please see the instructions)

Machine size: 18 x 3.5 cm/7.09 x 1.38 inch

1 x Mole Removal Pen Machine
1 x Larger Needle
5 x Smaller Needles
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Manual

Product Features

  • Professional and portable mole removal pen Kit with replaceable needles, including 1 larger and 5 smaller needles
  • Safely and effectively removes smaller and bigger moles, granulation, tattoos, nevus, flesh protrusion, age spots, dark birth mark pigmentation
  • Removes skin spots without hurting your normal skin no excessive pain, no bleeding
  • High-Tech beauty device, USB charging with 3-level settings for easy removal
  • Easy to operate for your personal and professional cosmetic skin treatment (Please see the instructions)

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Bescita Portable Beauty USB Charging Face Wrinkle Whitening Ion Induction Instrument Massager (White)

◆ Product Description:

◆ Product Name:Ion into the beauty instrument
◆ Product efficacy: Ion vibration / import nutrition / export impurities
◆ Operating voltage: DC3V / 120mA
◆ Plug: USB
◆ Size: 136 * 40 * 35mm
◆ Material: ABS body / stainless steel massage head
◆ Net weight: 50G
◆ Vibration frequency: 8500PRM
◆ Color box size: 80 * 37 * 165mm
◆ Function: Ultrasonic/ negative ion
◆ Color: White
◆ Power: 0.1W

◆ Parcels include:

◆ 1X beauty instrument

Product Features

  • ✔ Product efficacy: Ion vibration / import nutrition / export impurities
  • ✔ Operating voltage: DC3V / 120mA
  • ✔ Material: ABS body / stainless steel massage head
  • ✔ Vibration frequency: 8500PRM
  • ✔ Function: Ultrasonic/ negative ion

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Bescita Portable Electric Face Blackhead Cleanser Facial Pore Cleaner Acne Remover (Pink)

◆ Specification:

◆ Condition:100% Brand New and High Quality
◆ Material:Plastic
◆ Color:Pink
◆ Size(w*d*h):60*45*140mm
◆ Net Weight: 90g
◆ Power supply: 1 X AA battery
◆ Does not contain batteries
◆ Feature:Use Gentle, Deep Cleansing Suction to remove Skin Impuritie
◆ Improves skin tone and pore appearance
◆ Essential Facial Care Tool. Clinically effective for skin toning

◆ Package Included:

◆ 1*Pore Cleaner

Product Features

  • Feature:Use Gentle, Deep Cleansing Suction to remove Skin Impuritie
  • Improves skin tone and pore appearance
  • Essential Facial Care Tool. Clinically effective for skin toning
  • Size(w*d*h):60*45*140mm
  • Power supply: 1 X AA battery

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ThinkMax 6Pcs Colorful Flash Tattoo Face Body Painting Cream Painting Art Makeup Tools for Halloween Fun Themed Party


Item type: Painting cream

Applicable: Fun themed party, fancy dress, halloween, carnivals, fiesta.

Color: Orange, red, pink, blue, green, purple

Gross weight: 190g

Each net content: 25g

Product shelf life: 18 months


Bright colors, safe and non-toxic, easy to makeup

Package includes:

6 * Painting cream


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

We provide you with the best product and service, if you have any problem, please let us know, and we will solve the problem ASAP. Thank you so much.

Product Features

  • Made of high quality material, safe and non-toxic, will not harm for skin.
  • 6 colors you can choose, to meet your different needs.
  • Soft and delicate texture, close fit the skin, makeup lasting.
  • Easily washed off with olive oil or professional waterproof makeup remover.
  • Perfect for fun themed party, fancy dress, halloween, carnivals, fiesta.

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Zaffiro Organica *200ml* Organic grape and grapefruit oil, for face, body & Nails. Moisturizing, Anti cellulite, non greasy, after sun and Firming with sweet almonds, sunflower seeds & rosemary ✔Ecocert certified ✔Vegan

Zaffiro Organica Organic Oil is 100% pure, without chemical treatments, and cold-pressed. Its natural extracts improve the skin’s elasticity. It spreads out and is absorbed quickly after the massage, leaving no marks. For face, body and nails. Contributes to the skin’s well-being, leaving a delicious and natural citrus scent. For a perfect daily beauty routine use it with our Mature Serum, Eye Contour Cream and Anti-Wrinkle, decongesting and Anti-Aging Cream.

Zaffiro Organica was born from the desire of two Italian sisters to create their own line of organic cosmetics, directed to those who also make this important choice for their health. They are organic cosmetics of the highest quality, non-toxic, and cruelty free. 100% natural and organic ingredients with Ecocert certification.

Ingredientes: ViLimonenetis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil,Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Citral, Limonene

Product Features

  • Excellent allies against Stretch marks, scars, dry skin, NOURISHES BUMPS – 100% organic, it contains pure extracts of vitamin C, E, A, B1, B2, B6 and unsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3 and Folic Acid to combat premature aging of the skin. Tested under dermatological control. Thanks to its rapid and deep absorption our Organic Oil is recommended for all skin types, and especially for sensitive and delicate skin
  • Its unique formula helps replenish Dry & Dehydrated Skin – Is suitable for both men and women. It moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates, and improves the skin’s elasticity, reducing deep wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, spots and scars. Helps improve the appearance of new and old scars. Helps prevent formation of stretch marks during pregnancy and help improve the appearance of existing stretch marks. Helps smooth and tone ageing, sagging and wrinkled skin on both face and body
  • Grape seeds prevent the formation of free radicals, thwarting aging, smoothing the skin, helping clarifying stains and stimulating collagen’s production; Contains Orange; It has a toning, firming and draining action, and is the perfect ally against imperfections and for greasy skin; Can also be applied after sun exposure, in order to prolong the tan. Excellent AFTER SUN
  • Sweet almond oil deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and radiant. Sunflower seeds slow skin aging, and the Rosemary cleanses it, tones it and drains it; It is also perfect against impurities
  • DO NOT CONTAIN: Parabens – Vaseline – PEG – Liquid paraffin – Dyes – Synthetic perfumes ◦ Not tested on animals ◦ Environmentally friendly packaging: We take care of the environment and do not use additional plastic packaging or labels for our products

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OG-EVKIN Meetcare Wart Freckle Removal Machine Skin Tag Mole Dark Spot Remover for Body Tattoo Burning Pen Salon Home Beauty Face Clean (White)

Opreating Guide:

1.Power button (on /off ):
Long press the (on /off ) button for 3 seconds ,the red light will be on after starting,defaults to Level 1.Red light is for the power levels.
It will shut down automatically after 30 minutes if no any operating after starting.
Press the (on/off) button quickly twice, it will show the current barrery level , and then press any key to return (Green reprensents power).

2.Work button(OUT):
Press the (OUT) buttonto start working, release the (OUT) button to stop working(the indicator light is orange).

3.Pritective Function:
Long press the (OUT) button for 2 mins, the device will stop working automatically,
if you need to continue to work, must release the (OUT)button firstly,then press the (OUT) button again to start working.

4. Battery Indicator and Charge Description:
If the 3 green lights are all on, it means 100% battery power; if the second green light is on, that is 75% battery power;
if the first green light is on,it means 50% battery power , when the last green light blinks, the battery power becomes 25%.
When start charging,this mole removal pen will shut down attomatically and stop working,the 3 green lights will indicate in turn.
When all the 3 green lights are on and not change any more, it means that the charging is finished

Product Features

  • Thinner body, easy to hold
  • Micro Current Technology: using the latest high-tech, contolled by microcomputer.Safe,convenient and fast.
  • 3 Power Levels:by using 3 adjustable power output levels, smart and reliable.
  • Electric Ion Technology:the unique ion technology will not let the user feel the electric current during using,no bleeding.
  • Rechargeable: a single charge can be used more than five hours continuously. Convenient and easy to carry.

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OG-EVKIN Laser Freckle Removal Machine Skin Mole Removal Dark Spot Remover for Face Wart Tag Tattoo Remaval Pen Salon Home Beauty Care

1.It is suggested to test with fresh pigskin when using this wart removal pen for the first time,
then to do the treatment after you are fully familiar with this device’s performance and operation.

2.Because this mole removal pen can produce high temperature effect in an instant,when not in use,please keep it well,
avoid children and people who do not know how to operate this device using and playing with it, to avoid danger happening.

3.Please do not over clean the treatment area within 30 days after using this device(simple cleaning is ok),
please do not scrub,please do not make the hard skin fall off artificially.

4.When the scab area is itchy(new skin growing period),please do not scratch it.The scab will fall off automatically after 20 to 30 days.

5.Recovery period is about 3 months,it is suggested that do not eat ginger(affect the smoothness of the skin),
beef(can produce light red skin) and soy(can product light black skin) during recovery period.

6.When not in use for a long time,it is better to charge it every 3 to 4 months to keep the battery using life.

7.When the equipment has problem,please do not take it apart and try to repair it yourself to avoid danger.

8.It is forbidden to clean this equipment with water or other liquid directly to avoid damage and danger.

Package Included:
1x Spot/Mole/Tattoo/Wart Removal Machine
1x USB cable
5x Needle
1x Manual

Product Features

  • 1. Our original one is with pearlescent painting on the body, it is smooth and beautiful. But the copy one is white color of the plastic, it is rough.
  • 2. Our original Mole pen is with CE certificate, it is comply to Europe quality standard. The copy one is with poor quality on inner electric elements. The life of the product is short.
  • 3. Our origianl product has different grade 1(Low),2(Medium),3(High). Higher grade is more powerful. But the copy item is no difference on 3 different grade.
  • 4.Take of your health, please pay attention on our original products. Don’t switch on this machine when it is in charging. It might hurt the IC board.
  • 5.High capacity battery, It can work more than 5 hours after charging

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Spring Facial Hair Remover Threading Tool Epilator and 1 Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezers Face Roller Stick Strips Epilator Threader for Women Girls Removing Unwanted Facial Hair Threading Tool – No More Waxing, Tweezing, Shaving Or Bleaching With A Free Tweezer Gift

Facial Hair Epilator is a Cost Effective Facial Hair Removal New Arrival Without The Need For Expensive Beauty Treatments.
– One off low cost payment, and no more expensive hair removal treatments.
– Convenient travel size can be used on the go, or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
– Suitable for the chin, cheeks and upper lips. Remove even the smaller hard to pluck hairs.
– A Smooth Beautiful Hairless Face For up to 6 Weeks, refresh and keep your skin soft and smooth then before.
– quickly and easily removes facial hair from the root, saving time and money booking hair removal appointments with a specialist or beautician.
– Eliminate the use of potentially harmful bleaching creams that can possibly burn and discolour sensitive skin.
– No batteries or maintenance required. Simply add to your monthly beauty regime.
– No more plucking, shaving or waxing, and you don’t need a mirror.
– Hair grows back less coarse and less noticeable over time.
Package Including
• 1 * facial hair removal threading spring epilator.
• 1 * l tweezers.

• The spring facial hair remover is best for the face – forehead, cheeks, chin and upper lip, should not for the eyebrows or other parts of the body.
• Kids under 16 years are not allowed to use it.

Product Features

  • Set of one spring hair facial remover and one stainless steel tweezers.Made of Professional Stainless Steel – Safer & Healthier for your skin and the Highest Quality of its kind.
  • EFFECTIVELY FACIAL HAIR REMOVE Codream facial hair epilator will quickly and effectively remove unwanted facial hair in the comfort way. No more messing with creams, depilatories, waxes, bleaches or shavers. Simply Bend Roll.
  • KEEP SMOOTH UP TO 6 WEEKS Amazing Codream facial hair epilator help Facial hair quickly and effectively be removed from the root without breakage. Hair grows back thinner and less course over time, making your unwanted facial hair less noticeable up to 6weeks.
  • POTABLE EASY TO USE Codream facial hair epilator is small, light ,portable enough to travel with, and no need to require batteries or maintenance. Simply use in the convenience of your own home, at work, or on vacation.
  • SAVE MONEY TIME Save money on expensive hair removal treatments such as laser treatment, sugaring, waxing, threading and electrolysis. Your low cost one time purchase will last you for months to come.

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