CkeyiN Electric Portable Spots Freckle Nevus Mole Wart Tattoo Removal Pen LCD Display Beauty Devices with Replaceable Needles

Material: ABS + Steel
Color: White
Battery type: Rechargeable lithium battery
Charging method: USB charging
Input: 5V 1A
Power: 5W
Charging time: 5 hours
Size: 19*4cm(Length*Width)
Weight: 130 g

Operation steps:
A: Installation method
1. The needle is inserted into the head of the pen and rotated clockwise tightly.
2. Remove the needle counterclockwise when not in use.

B: Operation method
1. Wipe the needle with alcohol to disinfect, use alcohol cotton to clean the skin of treatment sites.
2. Determine the gears: remove the shallow or small area spots, use the low gear, remove deep larger area spots, use the high gear. (Do not puncture the skin to operate)

Package Content:
USB cable*1
Thick needle*1
Fine needles*5
User manual(English/Chinese)*1

Product Features

  • LCD screen design, the battery power, and intensity gear are be clear at a glance; Stylish appearance, small, lightweight and portable
  • 6 Gears work intensity can be adjustable to meet different treatment needs; With protective function, if you press the work button for 2 minutes or without any action within 30 minutes after starting up, it will be automatically power off
  • Adopting the latest electric ion carbonization high-tech, will not make people feel the presence of current, safe, effective without bleeding in the process of use
  • It can be applied to remove spots, freckles, fat granule, nevus, moles, wart, tattoo, granulation, corns, and so on
  • Rechargeable design, it can be used continuously for more than 5 hours after full charge

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MISSAMMY Portable Dot Mole Removal Pen, Dark Freckle Age Spotted Mole Nevus Tattoo Removal Skin Tag Beauty Pen Equipment LCD Display Beauty Device, USB Charging

Introduction To Operation:
1. Power Button(On/Off): Long press the button for 3 seconds to turn on the LCD display which shows the power and gear position(default 1st), if no operation for 30 seconds, the screen will be off. For turn the screen on again, you only need to press any keys. Short press (On/Off) key to toggle output power pre one cell represents a file, there are five stalls can be adjusted.
2. Working Key(Out): Press out key to start working, the LCD screen flashes to indicate normal operation, release to stop working.
3. Protection: Long press(Out) button for 2 minutes to stop the output device, if need to continue to work, lease the key and press it again.
4. Display and Charge Description: Battery display pre cell represents about 20% of the electricity when the battery sign flashing, please charge it. Gear arrangement is pre cell represents a shift from the top down 1-5 stalls, successively increased. When the charge level display will be followed by the beating, beating the full grid that is no longer full, the device automatically shut down after a full charger. Black state at the time of charging press power button lit, LCD screen( when the power is too low, the LCD backlight may not light temporarily, it’s a normal phenomenon, a charge will be lit.

Package Include:
1 x Spot Removal Pen with Pen Tip
1 x USB Cable
5 x Fine Replacement head
1 x Big Replacement head
1 x Storage Shockproof Bag
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Package Box

Product Features

  • ADOPTED MICROCOMPUTER CONTROL: which is safe, fast and convenient,stainless steel spot pen is non-toxic, hygienic, uneasy to rust for a secure use
  • INTELLIGENT PROCESSING: using 6 gears adjustable scan spot power output for reliable treatment,unique electric ion carbonation function, which can effectively sweep freckles instantly, senile plaques, flat moles etc. It has no bleeding in the using, no side effects after using
  • BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: it’s more convenient to carry and use, plus you can use more than five hours one time,the device should be battery charging every 3-4 months if not use for long time.
  • LCD DISPLAY: shows how much power it is and the levels of gear, which is very clear to read either of them
  • KINDLY REMINDER: you’d better be in 2-3 days before wound healing nourishing cream coated with a small living cells, it can prevent skin concave hoe. When wiping nutrition frost, should pay attention to the wound with inflammation of the situation, it’s not to wipe

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Spot Remover Tool, Intelligent Freckle Remover Machine with LCD Display Microcomputer Control USB Charging Beauty Pen for Age Spots Tattoo Mole Removal

Technical specifications:
Power: Rechargeable battery
Size: 17 * 4cm / 6.7 * 1.6inch

Package Included:
1 x Spot Removal Pen with Pen Tip
1 x USB cable
5 x fine needles
1 x large needle
1 x storage Bumper pocket
1 x instruction manual
1 x package box

Introduction of this Spot/Mole/Scar/Tattoo Removal Pen:
1. Power button: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn on the LCD display that shows the current and gear position (default 1),
when no operation for 30 seconds, the screen will turn off ,
2. Work key (Out): Press the key to start the work. The LCD screen flashes to indicate normal operation.
3. Display and Charge Description: Battery indicator pre-cell represents approximately 20% of the current, with the battery flashing, please charge it.

1. For the first time, it is proposed using fresh pig skin testers, after fully familiar with the performance and operation, you can use it for treatment.
2. Because of the effect of this equipment can produce high temperature in an instant, if you do not use it, please keep away from the children.
3. It is not suggested to clean the treated parts very often within 30 days, only simple care and not scrubbing.
4. If the scab part itching (tender meat phase), do not grasp hands, scab will fall on your own about 20-30 days.
5. The device should be charged every 3-4 months if no use for long time.
6. It is strictly prohibited to wash water or clean this machine directly, such as liquid, in order to avoid the device internally causing damage or danger.

Product Features

  • Professional Spot Remover Pen: Quality guaranteed, state-of-the-art technology, fast action. It is safe, comfortable and fast to remove the age spots and flat mole without side effects. Also, effects of facial beauty side results can be achieved quickly and safely.
  • Electronic Ion Technology: This stain removal pencil adopts high-tech, electric ion-carbonization functions making it remove stains without hurting normal skin, no bleeding and little pain, helping you to achieve the medical beauty.
  • Intelligent Treatment: Stainless steel spot pen is non-toxic, hygienic and anti-rust for a secure use. Reliable and convenient with 6-speed adjustable scanning spot power. Different speed for different demand.(Scar, Mole, Tattoo, Spots…)
  • LCD display shows how much power it is and the levels of gear, which is very clear to read. Built-in rechargeable battery for longer working time. And also more convenient for you to carry and use.
  • Package Included: 1 x spot removal pen with pen tip+ 1 x USB cable+ 5 x fine needles+ 1 x large needle+ 1 x storage Bumper pocket+ 1 x instruction manual + 1 x package box

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After Inked Display Center Tatoo Moisturizer Packet – Case of 50 – 7 ml

After Inked effectively moisturizes existing tattoos and naturally helps new tattoos to look healthier.

Tattoo artists also have discovered that After Inked is a real breakthrough product that streamlines the tattooing procedure, helping to moisturize the skin and easy glide the gloves on the skin.

Apply After Inked to clean hands and massage over entire tattoo until lotion is no longer visible. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day or as needed. Continue using After Inked every day to keep your tattoo vibrant and moisturized!

After Inked can also be used on any permanent makeup procedure on lips, brows, eye liner, and areola, as well as an after-laser tattoo removal moisturiser lotion.

What makes this formulation so special is the integrity of the product and the finest ingredients used in the blend having Grape Seed Oil as the key ingredient.

No Petroleum & No Lanolin

Cruelty Free & Artist Driven Formulation

Suitable for Vegans.

After Inked is used and endorsed by the best professional tattoo artists, including Ami James of Miami Ink.

Contents: 50x 7ml reclosable After Inked sachets.

Made in the USA

Product Features

  • Natural Vegan Tattoo Aftercare Lotion.
  • Can be used on new tattoos, piercings and after laser.
  • Enriched with Grapeseed Oil for superior healing.
  • Contains NO parabens or petroluem.
  • Not stick or Greasy.

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