RoryTory 4 Pack Temporary Tattoo Paper A4 Size (210mm x 297mm) for Inkjet Printers – Easy DIY Custom Printable Body Art for Kids & Adults Party Favors, Cosplay, Makeup, Halloween, Sports, etc.

Wait! Before you put that needle to your skin, we’ve got an alternative! Skip the pain and regret; Rory Tory’s Temporary Tattoo Paper for Inkjet Printers lets you tattoo any design you want. This set comes with 4 sheets of A4 sized (210mm x 297mm) water transfer printable tattoo papers that are compatible with inkjet printers and 4 sheets of A4 sized adhesive papers, so you’ll be able to create hundreds of custom designed tattoos with any of your favorite pictures or designs. Each sheet fits most standard inkjet printer trays for easy printing. Tattoo pictures of your pets, your favorite sports team logo, and even your girlfriend’s name without the embarrassment or regret. Use these papers to plan or test the placement, size, and design of your body art before making the jump to a permanent tattoo. Make tons of designs and DIY party favors for your next event or party. Print out spooky special effect designs for easy Halloween costumes. Change up your designs for any occasion! These fun tattoo papers are great for DIY projects or as a fun interactive activity with kids. Perfect for birthday parties, weddings, sports events, school projects, cosplay, Halloween, Christmas stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, concerts, festivals, sleepovers, and more. Our printable temporary tattoo paper is made with non-toxic materials to prevent harm to your skin. Every removable tattoo is waterproof, sweatproof, and lasts up to 3-5 days with gentle care. No need to dish out hundreds of dollars for laser removal; taking your tattoo off is easy! Just saturate it with baby oil or warm soapy water for 10 seconds, then rub gently with a cotton ball. (Repeat if necessary.) Water slide decal tattoo papers are a cheap and easy way to add a personalized touch to any get together. Boys or girls; kids, teens, or adults will love these long-lasting temporary tattoos and will provide hours of fun for everyone. Choose between Laser & Inkjet compatibility options!

Product Features

  • NO REGRETS: Wear any customized design you want w/ rich, vibrant colors; pets, sports teams, even your girlfriend’s name.
  • EASY DIY: Print hundreds of tattoos right from your own home with just a regular inkjet printer.
  • WATERPROOF & SWEAT RESISTANT: Temporary tattoos last 3-5 days or remove early with baby oil/soapy water.
  • GREAT PARTY FAVORS: Create customized favors for birthdays, sports events, holidays, and parties.
  • NON-TOXIC MATERIALS: Made with no harmful chemicals for more fun and comfort.

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All Top® Disposable Hair Chalk Hair Chalk Temporary Hair Color Comb for Party Cosplay Available in 6 Colours

6 bright colours:
Red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink. Colour is complimented by strong and will last you very well. Each comb is Einzelneingeschweißt.
Hair Dye:
Easy to dry hair is the hair so dyed without wet to make – — a piece of cake.
Wash hair colour:
Hair with a normal shampoo and water simply wash, is the washed out.
A comb design:
Hand Handle Prevents hands in the process of dyeing dirty. Hair are evenly by comb dyed.
Suitable for party, cosplay, dance, a spectacle and so on
Not suitable for children under 3 years.
Does not support depth diving such as being used for sensitive skin Allergy, for example.
Package Content: 6 x Combs, 1 x apron that we also feature, 2 x gloves

Product Features

  • 6 bright colours: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink. High colour is complimented by strong and good. Each comb is individually shrink-wrapped.
  • Hair Dye; Simple on dry hair will make the hair so gefärbt ohne to get wet – — a piece of cake.
  • Wash hair colour: hair with a normal shampoo and water Simply wash, the colour washed out.
  • Comb design: Hand Handle to prevent hands in the process of dyeing dirty. Hair are evenly by comb coloured badge. A apron and gloves included.
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin allergy z.B..

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Tian Qin WY Temporary Tattoos, Body Scar Stickers Bleeding Wound for Cosplay ,Partys, Halloween , Waterproof Costume (6pcs)

suitable for age of 3 years or over


1.Wash the position of body you want to stick this temporary tattoo

2.Uncover the tape of this temporary tattoo

3.Put the side of sticker with pattern to your skin

4.Using wet cloth or something wet to press the sticker

5.You may uncover the sticker to see whether the pattern is fully stick on your body, if not repeat the step 4

6.Uncover it and finish tattoo

Notice: do not touch water in 2 hours after you stick it on your skin,Bathe time too long will also affect the quality of the sticker

Because of the skin metabolism, tattoo stickers will fade in 2-10 days(Different from everyone)

Product Features

  • High Quality Fake scars Halloween body make up stickers tattoo ,The perfect temporary tattoo, body makeup,Scars seem very true and natural, Attached to the waist, chest, neck, arms, back, legs, bikini, shoulders, your arms,any other part of your body
  • Package include: 6 sheet of temporary tattoo
  • Product ‘s dimensions are shown in FIG
  • Waterproof. They will not wash off and will last for 3 days. Removes with baby oil
  • Such great accessories to match your halloween party costume,Great trick to astonish and scare your friends

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