Laser / IPL Technology for Skin Care: A Comprehensive Technical and Informative Textbook

This textbook provides an extensive overview for use of laser and IPL technology in skin care and rejuvenation. Parameters for the cosmetic laser procedures, photo-facial, vascular and pigmented lesions, and tattoo removal are presented and discussed in depth and details. The topics also include Lasers / IPL tissue interaction, skin tightening and resurfacing, acne treatment, skin typing, and operational and treatment safety measures. Discussion of the management and treatment of adverse effects, the benefits, expected results and outcomes, and available alternative treatments are also presented. Focus on patient consultation, selection and education, safety and efficacy issues and important criteria for a successful treatment outcome are included in the textbook.

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IPL800 professional salon quality ipl system for skin care, tattoo removal and permanent hair reduction treatments. 1 year warranty.

High Output Intense Pulsed Light System More power for the professional user. The SPL800 produces an industry-leading 220 Jcm2/second fluence at 410-1200nm (broad based light) with a pulse duration of 0.09 seconds. Pulse frequency is user-adjustable from 1-4 emissions /sec. It has the ability to treat more aggressively giving the extra punch for those suborn hairs. The IPL800 is the most advanced and sophisticated system on the market due to the addition of Photon Absorption Feedback Metering. This feature makes the delivery of massive amounts of photon energy safe, even for novices. The SPL800 actually monitors the total energy which actually makes it through the skin and limits that energy to a pre-set value. For example, the SPL600 produces a full 180 jcm2/sec, but due to a variety of conditions (from skin pigment to skin condition) only 110jcm2/sec may actually make it to the desired tissues. With the SPL800, this emission will continue until the pre-set jcm2/sec level is reached. The system will beep and stop when that fluence is achieved. This virtually eliminates any risk of overtreatment. This system is also excellent for general dermatology procedures, age spot removal, wrinkle reduction, laser resurfacing and more. May be used for tattoo removal on most inks. All IPL resurfacing treatments work essentially the same way. Light energy damages old cells. Then, as new cells form during the healing process, a smoother, tighter and more youthful skin surface appears. It’s also important to consider the length of recovery when choosing skin resurfacing procedures. In general, the more aggressive the resurfacing procedure, the more lengthy the recovery process is. Light resurfacing techniques, such as superficial chemical peels or diode laser resurfacing, offer shorter recovery times. However, these lighter procedures may need to be repeated many times to achieve comparable results to those achieved with aggressive techniques such as IPL.

Product Features

  • Pulse Duration: 0.09 seconds.
  • Pulse Frequency: Adjustable from 1-4 pulses/second.
  • Energy Density (fluence): 220 Jcm2/sec. (55jcm2/pulse).
  • Beam Size and Shape: circle 2cm diameter.
  • Treatment Time for Dense Moustache Removal: Under 1 minute.

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