Tattoo Microblading Bleaching Essence 2 in1 Anti Scar Repair Oil Set for Eyebrows Permanent Makeup Pigment Removal 2 x 20ml

How to use:

1. Cover: if the eyebrow can be trimmed according to normal normal, if the body hair is too long, it should be repaired first. Disinfect the skin with alcohol or other disinfectant.
2. Soothing: if customers are sensitive to pain, they can use soothing and stable products, and they can be used in peace. The same is true for tattoo tattoos.
3. Hair: you need to get rid of the color and use the tattoo machine to take the needle with an empty needle or manually. The depth of the lower needle is slightly deeper than usual and the density is increased.
4. Import: apply cotton stick to A decolorizer for 3-4 times. After A few minutes, apply B restorer back and forth several times. The decolorizer only reacts to the color granules, then the color will be reduced by 20% to 40%. The latter is the main effect of the period.
5. Nursing: use B restorer for self-use 2 to 3 times a day. The shop can be used as usual. As with body tattoo care, it is recommended that you choose a better repair product, so that the client can take it home and apply it every day. Close the care product 2 to 3 times.


Item Type: Tattoo Microblading Bleaching Essence + Anti Scar Repair Essence Set
Quantity: 2pc
Net Weight: 2 x 20ml

Package List:
1 x Tattoo Microblading Bleaching Essence
1 x Anti Scar Repair Essence

Product Features

  • TATTOO BLEACHING ESSENCE – Mainly made of plant essence ingredient, repair quickly and diminish inflammation effectively, which can reduce the dry and pain in the tattoo place
  • REMOVE MICROBLADING OR TATTOO – After using it, only form thin scab and can keep color well, better for your tattoo. Applicable to embroidered eyebrow, bleaching lips, puncture, tattoo and other postoperative treatments
  • ANTI SCAR ESSENCE – Helps to create a more lifted and tighter skin appearance, increases the skin’s moister levels for a more vital and glowing overall look
  • CARE TIPS- The color bleaching agent helps break down pigments when tattoos go wrong, invalid use after tattooing. During procedure, apply sparingly with a microbrush or toothpick on incorrectly applied pigment. Colour should start to fade within 3-5 minutes. Keep away from eyes and mouth. Keep out of reach of children
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC – Skin friendly, effective yet gentle, which aid in the natural prevention and healing process of your skin. Can be applied on a daily basis and is suitable for all skin types, women and men

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Spring Facial Hair Remover Threading Tool Epilator and 1 Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezers Face Roller Stick Strips Epilator Threader for Women Girls Removing Unwanted Facial Hair Threading Tool – No More Waxing, Tweezing, Shaving Or Bleaching With A Free Tweezer Gift

Facial Hair Epilator is a Cost Effective Facial Hair Removal New Arrival Without The Need For Expensive Beauty Treatments.
– One off low cost payment, and no more expensive hair removal treatments.
– Convenient travel size can be used on the go, or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
– Suitable for the chin, cheeks and upper lips. Remove even the smaller hard to pluck hairs.
– A Smooth Beautiful Hairless Face For up to 6 Weeks, refresh and keep your skin soft and smooth then before.
– quickly and easily removes facial hair from the root, saving time and money booking hair removal appointments with a specialist or beautician.
– Eliminate the use of potentially harmful bleaching creams that can possibly burn and discolour sensitive skin.
– No batteries or maintenance required. Simply add to your monthly beauty regime.
– No more plucking, shaving or waxing, and you don’t need a mirror.
– Hair grows back less coarse and less noticeable over time.
Package Including
• 1 * facial hair removal threading spring epilator.
• 1 * l tweezers.

• The spring facial hair remover is best for the face – forehead, cheeks, chin and upper lip, should not for the eyebrows or other parts of the body.
• Kids under 16 years are not allowed to use it.

Product Features

  • Set of one spring hair facial remover and one stainless steel tweezers.Made of Professional Stainless Steel – Safer & Healthier for your skin and the Highest Quality of its kind.
  • EFFECTIVELY FACIAL HAIR REMOVE Codream facial hair epilator will quickly and effectively remove unwanted facial hair in the comfort way. No more messing with creams, depilatories, waxes, bleaches or shavers. Simply Bend Roll.
  • KEEP SMOOTH UP TO 6 WEEKS Amazing Codream facial hair epilator help Facial hair quickly and effectively be removed from the root without breakage. Hair grows back thinner and less course over time, making your unwanted facial hair less noticeable up to 6weeks.
  • POTABLE EASY TO USE Codream facial hair epilator is small, light ,portable enough to travel with, and no need to require batteries or maintenance. Simply use in the convenience of your own home, at work, or on vacation.
  • SAVE MONEY TIME Save money on expensive hair removal treatments such as laser treatment, sugaring, waxing, threading and electrolysis. Your low cost one time purchase will last you for months to come.

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Microblading BLEACHING CORRECTOR – SPMU Permanent Makeup – Pigment Removal 10ml

Pigment Bleaching Corrector – 10ml, Excellent for use in Microblading / PMU, During Procedure, apply sparingly with a Microbrush or toothpick on incorrectly applied pigment, Colour should start to fade within 3-5 minutes, Caution: Cannot be used on existing tattoos / PMU, Keep away from eyes and mouth, Keep out of reach of children, If irritation occurs seek medical advice

Product Features

  • Pigment Bleaching Corrector – 10ml
  • Excellent for use in Microblading / PMU
  • During Procedure, apply sparingly with a Microbrush or toothpick on incorrectly applied pigment. Colour should start to fade within 3-5 minutes
  • Caution: Cannot be used on existing tattoos / PMU, Keep away from eyes and mouth
  • Keep out of reach of children, If irritation occurs seek medical advice

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