JAYLONG 10 Pieces Set Arts Fake Temporary Tattoo Arm Sunscreen Tattoo Sleeves For Men And Girls Designs Tiger, Crown Heart, Skull, Tribal And Etc 20 Styles For Choose,31,M

Color: 10PCS
High quality stretchy,comfortable and soft,suitable for men and women,arms and legs
Tips: wearing a watch to hide the sleeves’ end will make the tattoo looks even more real.
Item can be used for outdoor sunscreen
1.Brand: JAYLONG
2.Material: Made of 92% nylon & 8% spandex.
3.Size: 15.4
4.Color: as a picture
5.Weight: 7 lb
Package include:
10 x Tattoo Sleeves.
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Product Features

  • Unisex and one size fits most.Unless you have really huge arms, these should fit comfortably because they are stretchable. All designs have S size, apply to girls of 40-50 kg, if you are one of them, please select S size.
  • Looks real & seamless; easy slip on & off.Stretchable fabric material (92% nylon & 8% spandex).
  • These slip on tattoos slip on very comfortably and look pretty darn real.
  • We send you the default 10 different styles of sleeves in addition to the one you choose, if you want to specify the styles, please email us after payment to inform us of your needs.
  • Package content: 33 different designs of tattoo sleeves, as shown in picture. 1 unit per design and individually packaged in poly bag.

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Art’s Tattoo Removal

Suspense builds when a retired hit man takes a job from a former employer.

‘Art’s Tattoo Removal’ is a modern crime noir about a man moving on after a slimy past.

Arthur Lionel doesn’t kill anybody anymore. He’s moved on. Now, he just cuts little snippets out of people’s skin and the clinging capillaries and corpuscles underneath.

Art removes tattoos, but he doesn’t have a shop, and you won’t find him in the phone book. He removes the tattoos, canvas and all, and hand-delivers them to his client soaked in oil and mineral water.

The underground ‘flesh art’ world is starting to take off now that a Zurich gallery owner bought a tattoo right off a man’s back for over $200,000, and Art’s got a monopoly on the whole market of people who want to flay precious works off people’s bodies and sell them to derma-collectors for a pretty penny.

But when an old mob acquaintance hires him for a job to collect a work from New York’s premiere tattoo artist, Art realizes he may have just stepped into a plot that could send him either to a nice quiet beach for a comfortable retirement, or a life filled with pain pills and skin grafts.

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light Nordic Creative Arts Restaurant Light Bedroom Lobby Bar Simple Earth Single Cafe Pendant Lamps , Black,black

Number of light sources: 1
Shade material: iron
Irradiation area: 10?-15?
Light source type: LED
Whether the lamp has a light source: no light source
Power: 6W (inclusive) -10W (inclusive)
Voltage: 111V ~ 240V (including)<br

Product Features

  • Number of light sources: 1
  • Shade material: iron
  • Irradiation area: 10?-15?
  • Light source type: LED
  • Whether the lamp has a light source: no light source

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