ZHLEI Tattoo Pen Aluminum Alloy Professional Tattoo Eyebrow Body Motor Tattoo Machine Tattoo Supplies Equipment Tools

Product parameters:
Material: Aerospace aluminum
Speed: 20000-25000 rev/min
Size: Tattoo Pen – 118mm*27mm (Needle: 63mm*16mm)
Handshake diameter: 25mm (1 inch)
Working voltage: 7v-9v
Needle length: 0-3.5mm
configuration list:
(1) Tattoo pen x1
(2) 3.5 to 6.3 Audio Plug x1
(3) DC power cable x1
(4) Cheyenne dedicated one needle x3
(5) Special packing box x1
Disclaimer: If you do not have any experience, please work under the guidance of a friend or tattoo artist.

Product Features

  • Classic style: Xia’an multi-function tattoo pen is developed with reference to the original Xi’an tattoo pen, continuation of the classic design, to provide more freedom for tattoo artists, activate more personal creativity and artistic imagination.
  • Strong power: the pen body is carved by space aluminum CNC, anodized, the motor adopts Japan’s high efficiency and energy saving motor, and the number of revolutions reaches 20000-25000 rev/min. The power is very strong, stable and suitable for long time work.
  • Improved design: After the engineer improved the design, the length adjustment system of the original Cheyenne tattoo pen was solved, and the looseness of the handle during working was solved. The needle length was freely adjusted, and the handle part and the needle part were also very firm.
  • Powerful: Xiaan basaltic multi-purpose tattoo pen is especially suitable for professional tattoo artist and tattoo artist, can do tattoos, eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner, lip line, and other functions, but also suitable for beginners, get started quickly.
  • A variety of colors can be selected, giving one of the needle, high-quality plastic, rapid rebound, easy removal. Needle adjustment range 0-3.5mm, weight 0.45kg, very suitable for tattoo masters.

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Baoblaze Premium Alloy Smooth Tattoo Binding Post & Contact Screw Nut Wrench Set for Tattoo Machine Parts Replace,Repair – as picture show, B


– Type:Machine Screws Nut Set

– Material:Alloy

– Main Size:approx. 4×3.2 cm/1.6×1.3 inch

– Front nut

– Rear nut

– Buckle

– High quality and durable for Tattoo Machine

Package Includes:

1 Set Tattoo Machine Part

Best Prices, Best Quality, Your Great Enjoyment for Living Well

Product Features

  • Type:Machine Screws Nut Set
  • Material:Alloy
  • Main Size:approx. 4×3.2 cm/1.6×1.3 inch
  • Front nut
  • Rear nut

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