Mole Removal Pen Needles 52Pcs General Mole Tattoo Remover Pen Needles 50pcs Fine Needles + 1 Big Needle + 1 Needle Base

Brand: Yartar
Weight: 3.53oz

1. Remove moles
2. Remove wart (verruca)
3. Remove freckle, spots
4. Remove fleshy nevus
5. Remove tattoo

These needles must be used in the laser freckle removal machine

Product Features

  • 50 Pcs fine needles for sweeping small spots, freckles, and wart as mole removal machine beauty equipment, because the fine needle is a consumable, it is recommended that you buy more for replacement if the needle becomes black
  • A thick needle for removing big area of spots and tattoo, a needle base for fixing needles as an alternative, prevent loss
  • Healthy and high quality guarantee
  • Package including: 50 pcs fine needles, 1 big needle and 1 needle base
  • Caution: You need to disinfect the needle before use. For special nevus and freckle, need to operate under the guidance of a doctor. Avoid children and non-professional

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