REPLACEMENT REFILL PADS and PAD BACK for BACKBLISS back lotion applicators – 8 x HYGIENIC WASHABLE velvet-like replacement pads and 2 x plastic Pad Backs – Each pad lasts for AGES – Easy to Fit – (8)

You’ve already bought your BackBliss and discovered our long-lasting wonderfully soft and gentle applicator pads.

Some customers leave their pads on for a very long time and they are still as good as new, however other customers prefer to change their refill pads after a month or so, or after their holiday.

The pads do their job very well and are hygienic, easily washed and are thin enough NOT to absorb too much of your precious lotions.

Changing your pads could not be simpler and full instructions are given about removing the old pads and attached the new ones.

BackBliss pads are made of a patented velvet-like self-adhesive flocked foam sponge that attaches to the applicator head. It is this system that makes BackBliss truly unique.

Why replace the applicator when is far cheaper just to buy new placement pads?

Now its so easy to care for your skin, you’ll want to BLISS your back every day! Click add to cart to order your BackBliss replacement pads now.

BackBliss gives you independence to manage you own personal care TODAY.

Product Features

  • BACKBLISS Applicator REPLACEMENT REFILL pack – 4 SELF-ADHESIVE Replacement pads DESIGNED for the BACKBLISS lotion applicator – EASY to FIT refill pads last for ages – One pack per year – REPLACE THE PADS NOT THE APPLICATOR
  • Your skin will look and feel HEALTHIER IMMEDIATELY with regular use. Velvet-like texture feels SOFT and GENTLE even on the most delicate skin – Winged wrap-around design means NO SHARP SCRATCHY EDGES – Made in England
  • HYGIENIC and WASHABLE – Hand or machine wash up to 40°C or 100°F – Pack includes no nonsense ‘HOW-TO’ INSTRUCTIONS for fitting the pad – Pads stay in tact and do not ‘wear’ when used or washed – The BackBliss pads are more effective than FOAM pads or roller ball applicators
  • A BackBliss Applicator is ideal for MEN and WOMEN who need to REACH THEIR BACKS to apply cosmetic and medical lotion & creams if you simply can’t reach or are less mobile than others. BackBliss is available in 5 different colours
  • 90 day ‘Blissed Out’ Promise – We pride ourselves in our great customer service and speedy response times. FULL REFUND if not entirely satisfied with your pads. Your back with love you back! CLICK add to cart button now to order

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3 Responses to REPLACEMENT REFILL PADS and PAD BACK for BACKBLISS back lotion applicators – 8 x HYGIENIC WASHABLE velvet-like replacement pads and 2 x plastic Pad Backs – Each pad lasts for AGES – Easy to Fit – (8)

  1. molee says:

    BackBliss Hi , can’t remember when l bought back bliss but it must be 18mths- 2yrs? I have used the same sponge head all that time, I wash after each use with hand soap or shampoo. I also use it to apply inshower moisturiser on my back, shall be ordering another soon, for convenience, one for the shower one and one dry, (I have psoriasis, useful for applying prescription lotions/creams to back). I’ve tried the roller types but not impressed. I would not hesitate to recommend Back Bliss, inexpensive…

  2. C. L. Thornett says:

    Just the thing for that itch you can’t reach I first got a Backbliss lotion applicator a few years ago when cancer medication left me with very dry skin–I’ve never been able to reach the middle of my back very well in any case. It, and the pads, are excellent value for money. Each pad has lasted at least a couple of years before I have needed to replace it. It’s good that you can order replacement pads rather than having to replace the whole thing. Besides applying skin lotion or cream, I use it to apply sun screen. Even lotion doesn’t…

  3. tory says:

    Great – I think

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