NEWELL Mole Removal Pen, Portable USB Charging Skin Tag Remover Tool Kit With Safe 9 Strength Levels, Professional LCD Display Beauty Pen For Body Facial Freckle Nevus Warts Tattoo

The use of high-tech ion carbide function, instant freckles, age spots, flat warts, can achieve rapid medical cosmetic effects without bleeding, safe and no side effects.
1. Before use, wipe the needle with alcohol to disinfect and clean the skin area with alcohol.
2. During use: Please do not pierce the skin and avoid stopping in one place to prevent dermal layer burns.
3. Determine the speed level: It is recommended to use a speed below level 3 to remove light freckles in small areas, preferably using a level 3 or higher speed to remove large areas of bad freckles.
4. Do not eat spicy food during the recovery period (1-3 months).
5. When scratching, do not scratch with your hands.
6. Do not wash the device in water.
7. If you do not use the device for a long time, you should charge it every 2-3 months.
Product specification:
Material: ABS + Steel
Product size: 165 * 35mm
Package Weight: 250g
Battery capacity: 3.7V / 1800mAh
Output voltage: 110-220V
The package includes:
1 mole removal pen
1 x thick needle
1 charging cable
5 x fine needle
1 needle cover
1 manual

Product Features

  • Safe ️ safe and effective: German engineering Mole Remover uses the latest microcomputer control technology, low temperature and high frequency, instant squeak mice, skin tags, freckles, age spots, small tattoos, etc., do not hurt the normal skin, no bleeding, no side effects, so that your Facial and body skin looks smooth and soft without any pigmentation.
  • Portable and easy to use: This travel size skin label remover is easy to grasp and operate by simply cleaning the needle and skin with alcohol before use, gently sweeping the spots, and then wiping with a swab to find that the paint will Soon disappeared. Spend some time testing your feet or arms better before using for the first time.
  • Versatile and practical: This beauty plasma pen includes 2 needles and 9 levels of intensity adjustable to meet your different needs, thick needles and grades 6-9 for blemishes, meat, blemishes and tattoos, 10 needles and 1 – Grade 6 Targets blemishes, freckles, spots, and other minor pigmentation on the skin’s epidermis.
  • Upgrade details: This eraser professional skin machine built-in overcharge protection device, and comes with charging line, you can use USB adapter, mobile power, computer or car charging
  • Save on budget and a great gift: With this beauty skin machine, you will fall in love with your free time removing your awkward convenience from your own home without having to spend a fortune every time you go to a dermatologist.

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