Mole Removal Pen 9 Strength Level Spot Eraser Pro Mole Tattoo Remover Pen with Replaceable Needles & USB Charging (Rose Gold)

Brand: Yartar
Weight: 400g
Gear range: 9 modes strength
Size: 6.5*1.33inches
Charging: USB cable
Material: ABS body and steel needle

1.Adjust the mode you need: use small strength when you remove the spots of shallow on small area,use high strength when you remove bad spots on large area.
(Please do not puncture the skin during operating!)
2.Large and hereditary syringoma are recommended to be treated in hospital.
3.The device should be charged every 3-4 months if not use for long time.
4.Please allows 0.1-0.2 inches error as manual measurement.
5.The color just for reference only,as different monitor,color will slightly different from pictures shown.

Use alcohol to clean your skin, use eyebrows stabilizer cream to local anesthesia for 15-30 minutes,hold the pen at a slight angle, gently sweep back and forth with a small strength, Carbonization can not stay in one place for a long time, it’s enough till the dark spot been flat, to avoid burning the dermis layer to cause scars.The darker region is recommended to be divided into four or five operations.

Product Features

  • INCREASED STRENGTH – Upgrade system of highest strength in the market, perfect for big skin tag and mole, especially suitable for people who have skillful operation. And it’s still recommended that you start in low strength for much easier and freer practice
  • MEET ALL OF YOUR NEEDS – Subdivision strength into 9 modes, more delicate care for different skin tolerance if you have moles, freckles, skin tags, verruca vulgaris, granulation tissue and other pigmentation on skin epidermis, immediately make your skin smooth and clean
  • NO BLEEDING – No feeling of electricity with voltage stability of upgrade chip, battery level can be observed visually on LCD DISPLAY, dexterous manipulation with more steady and safe home use curve design, keeping working over 5 hours on a charge
  • USAGE: Long-press ON/OFF button for 3s to start, press once to first mode and once to second mode. If you press to sixth mode, press again and it’ll be back to the first, the working mode can be showed on display. This device will keep working when you keep pressing OUT button, but it has power-off protection if you keep pressing it over 2 min once
  • NOTE: Cleaning the needle with alcohol, gently sweeps from back to front within a small area, it’ll be better if you do a testing on apples or arms before use. Do not stop in one place to avoid burning your dermis layer. Clean your eye spots in twice or more times carefully and don’t eat soy sauce during recovery

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