Miraise New 2017 Skin Tag Mole Remover Tattoo Dark Freckle Age Spot Warts Removal Pen,Safe and Home Use Beauty Skin Machine

Skin Tag Mole Remover (White)

1. Treatment using this equipment for the first time suggested that with fresh pigskin test equipment, when fully familiar with equipment performance and operation procedures for treatment use again.

2. Due to the effect of this equipment can produce high temperature in an instant, when not in use, please properly keep avoid children and do not know the equipment use and to play, to avoid danger happening.

3. The use of this equipment had better not too clean, affected within 30 days (simple) under the care not scrub, not artificially make hard skin fall off.

4. When the scab place itch (tender meat phase), don’t by hand grasp, for 20 to 30 days right, scrub will fall off on their own.

5. Recovery period is 3 months or so, it is suggested that during the recovery period is unfavorable eat ginger (affect the skin smoothness) beef (produces light red) soy sauce (produces light black) in convalescence, the good things above, the skin can be restored to its original 95% of skin burn pigment directly by machine, Regardless of any colors. The unwanted pigment will be absorbed in the formed thin incrustation or scab, and the pigment would go off naturally with the crust. No infections.

6. If long time not to use this equipment should every three to four months to charge, keep the battery using life.

7. The device failure occurs, please don’t open trying to repair in order to avoid risk, suggest to contract the original factory maintenance.

8. It is strictly prohibited to water or clean this equipment directly, like liquid to avoid entering the device internal cause damage or danger happening.

Product Features

  • 1. The use of the latest technology, microcomputer control, safe, convenient, fast.
  • 2. Using 2 adjustable scan spot power output, treatment of smart, reliable.
  • 3. Unique electric ion technology, the use of the process will not make people feel the existence of electric current, no bleeding.
  • 4. Plug-in, convenient to carry, charge one time to work more than five hours.
  • 5.Included: 1*Mole Removal Pen ,1*Thick Needles ,5*Fine-needles, 1*USB Cable ,1*Instruction

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