Mehron Rigid Collodion Scarring Liquid – Clear (2-Pack)

The clear liquid dries and puckers the skin to create the appearance of a scar.
Available in a .125 fl oz (4 ml) glass bottle with brush applicator
Apply a thin line to “fleshy” skin with the brush included in the cap. This allows the product to pucker the skin (if the skin is too tight, the scar will not be as successful). For deeper scars, apply several coats after each previous one has dried. Remove by peeling off from the skin. Use Spirit Gum Remover to dissolve any remaining product followed by soap and water.
Artist Hint: To create an old scar, use a medium brown pencil and lightly put color down the middle. Use a brush to spread and soften the color. To make a fresher scar, apply a pink color and then brush out. This will also eliminate any shine.
Mehron Makeup has been the leader in professional makeup for over 90 years. Our products are used on the runway, stage, and movie sets around the world. Top Industry artists have a strong passion for our product, and now Mehron Makeup’s Professional Makeup is available to everyone looking for SUPERIOR performance for everyday use. Mehron Makeup is proud to offer distinct professional products for each of the three major makeup segments: Beauty, Body Art, and Performance. Proudly MADE IN THE USA.

Product Features

  • 2 x 4 ml.
  • Easy to apply remove
  • Puckers skin when dry
  • Produces scarring effect
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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