lzndeal Skin Tags Removal, Portable Face Skin Care Rechargeable Laser Mole Freckle Wart Dark Spot Tattoo Removal Pen Machine Salon Home Beauty Tool (Golden)

Before using Mole Removal Pen, anesthetic applied to the skin, wrapped with plastic wraps for 20 minutes, then can remove mole or others.
Don’t tear off the scab by yourself.
Let the scab fall off in a nature way to avoid infections or leaving scabs. When itchy scab at the time( meat tenderizer anlagen), please do not use the device in addition, after treatment 20-30 days, the scab off on their own.
The recovery period is 3-6 months, please do not eat ginger (after restoring skin is not so flat), beef (will faint red), sauce ( there will be a touches if black ) during the recovery period.
Consult your doctor or professional use and must be used under the guidance of professionals

1 x Spot Removal Pen
1 x Thick Needle
1 Set x Fine Needles
1 x USB Charge Cable

Product Features

  • Material:ABS + Steel Needles, Input voltage:DC 5V/1A, Power:Max 5W. Plug-in ,cabinet and convenient to carry,charge a time to work more than five hours
  • Functions: can be apply to spots, dot mole, tattoo removal
  • The use of the latest technology ,microcomputer control,safe ,convenient ,fast. Directly charge by USB line,Easy carry and easy operation
  • It has 5 kinds of intensity for different treatment.Using 5 adjustable scan spot power output ,treatment of smart ,reliable Lower level is used on spot and freckle.Strong level is used on mole and skin tags
  • Unique electric ion technology,the use of the process will not make people feel the existence of electric current ,no bleeding.Removal spot without hurting the normal skin, no bleeding, little pain

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