Iatricode – Healing Balm

Healing Balm Product: Iatricode-50ml Premium healing skincare balm with essential oils and natural active ingredients to promote the healing of burns, cuts, scars, tattoo, stretch-marks and rashes. Suitable for babies and sensitive skin. Whether your body was marked by accident or intentionally from a tattoo or surgery procedure, Iatricode is a natural ointment which has been created to promote healing and wellness of the body’s outer layer. Iatricode is packed with vitamin E and contains a unique blend of organic ingredients such as castor oil and Chamomile along with other components which properties natural hold healing and antibacterial abilities. Benefits and features of ingredients.

Product Features

  • Help’s assist and reduce the appearance of minor old and new burns, cuts, scars, stretch marks, rashes and tattoos healing process.
  • Forms a protective barrier that helps protect the skin from environmental assaults
  • Specifically sourced 100% Natural ingredients and fragrance.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, babies and intimate areas.
  • Moisturises skin, soothes itching and hold natural antibacterial properties.

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