Foraer Spot Eraser Pro Spot Removal Pen for Removing Skin Freckles Wrinkle Warts Age Spot Mole Tattoo Birthmark Skin Pigmentation Remover with Replaceable Needles, LED, USB Charging (Gold)

Foraer spot removal/ Eraser Pen/skin tag remover pen
Foraer spot removal/ Eraser Pen adopts latest high technology, Effectively and quickly remove dark spots/freckle/mole/wart/tattoo/ Wrinkle / Age Spot / tag and other small pigmentation on skin epidermis without hurt and burn. It can make your skin smooth and clean.

Material: ABS+Steel
Product Size: 175*35mm
Package Size: 210*120*150mm
Package Weight: 304g
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Input current: 3.7V/1A
Output power: Max 5W
Gear range: 6 mode strength
Color: 3 colors optional
Charging: USB cable
Function: Effectively and quickly remove dark spots/freckle/mole/wart/tattoo/ Wrinkle / Age Spot / tag and other small pigmentation on skin epidermis

How to use:
1. Choose the proper needle and install it on the pen point.
2. Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the pen.
3. Click the power button to choose the proper level.
4. Double click the power button to turn on/off the spotlight.

Package included:
1* Spot Eraser Pro
1* USB charging cable
10* Fine needles
3* Coarse needles
1* Instruction
1* Warranty card

Product Features

  • Spot Eraser Pro. Effectively and quickly remove dark spots/freckle/mole/wart/tattoo/wrinkle/age spot/tag and other small pigmentation on skin epidermis. It can make your skin smooth and clean
  • Safe and Effective Mole Remover. High-tech and electric ion carbonation functions can removal spot without burning the normal skin and blooding.There are 6 levels or different treatment. Lower level is used on spot and freckle; higher level is used on mole, skin tag and tattoo. No blood, it is a safe device. No need to go to beauty salon.
  • The skin tags removal has long standby time and LED built-in Li-battery, convenience to charge it via USB cable. It can work for 5 hours after fully charged.Designed with an LED display, it shows the working level and battery level.It also let you know better of spot remover pen.
  • Tattoo removal pen comes with replaceable needles. It comes with 10 replaceable fine needles and 3 coarse needles.
  • Easy to use spot remover machine. Long press ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds to power on or shutdown. Short press ON/OFF button to switch the speed level, which is from level 1 to 6.Hold down the OUT button throughout the process to make this product work. Cleaning the needle with alcohol, gently sweeps from back to front within a small area, it’ll be better if you do a testing on your arms(or an apple) before first using.Do not stop in one place to avoid burning your dermis layer.

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