Bulary Dot Mole Removal Pen Plasma Spot Eraser Remover Dark Spot Pen Machine for Skin Tag,Nevus,Freckles,Dark Spot,Birth Mark,Skin Pigmentation, Age Spots,Tattoo (Gold)

Product Features:

1. Durable, convenient and efficient with the USB charging function.
2. There is a fluorescer test light.
3. It can remove moles, warts, freckles, spots, fleshy moles effectively without harming the normal skin and it won’t cause bleeding.

Product parameters:

1. Voltage: DC3.7V
2. Material: ABS

Packing list:

pen * 1, USB cable * 1, thick needles * 2, needle cap * 1, fine needles * 10

Product Features

  • SAFE COMFORTABLE: fast to remove the freckle, age spot and flat moles without any side effects,can be achieved quickly safe and side effects of medical cosmetic results.
  • UNIQUE ELECTRIC ION TECHNOLOGY: this spot removal pen adopts using high-tech, electric ion carbonation functions makes it remove spots without hurting the normal skin, no bleeding and little pain.
  • 3 POWER LEVELS: It has 3 kinds of intensity for different treatment,Lower level is used on spots and freckles and strong level is used on mole and skin tags.
  • SAFE AND CONVENIENT: Easy carry and easy operation.The use of the latest technology ,microcomputer control,safe ,convenient ,fast.
  • EASY CARRY: Plug-in ,cabinet and convenient to carry,charge a time to work more than five hours.

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